Monday, October 29, 2012

Be Happy – Attempt on every Opportunity.

An opportunity means a favorable situation, a good chance to proceed ahead or you can call it a combination of the circumstances which may deem suitable for you to attempt upon for a positive result. If you fail in your process to bring about a positive result by attempting upon some opportunity, your failure may give you experience to attempt upon another opportunity, if available, more intelligently.

Opportunities abound, but in order to see more of them appear in your daily lives you must first be willing to accept this to be the case. Further, you must be willing to go after those opportunities with all you have. Make no mistake, they're called "opportunities", and not guarantees for a reason.

How would you use a set of the circumstances prevailing before you as a set of opportunities? It depends upon you how to proceed on. That said, while it will require effort, and persistence on your part to succeed, take heart, for if it were not so, success would be far more common, and as a result, most likely, far less valued.

Friend, from this moment on, You need to commit to yourself, that to the best of your ability, in all you do you will give your best, fully knowing that someone, often those who hold the keys to greater opportunities are taking notice of how you handle the seemingly "small things" which life asks of you. Even when we think no one is paying attention, there's always someone that notices. Always.

Take it granted that you are working for yourself – whether it is a social activity or you are operating an industrial or trading unit. Sometime to feed the physical demands of yourself and/or your dependants, the mental need or sometime, that may be towards your attempt to upgrade your social status too.

But if we can give our dead-level best to even the "small" things, then inevitably we will have the opportunity to show how we can handle the bigger challenges, which by the way bring with them far greater payoffs & rewards for delivering solutions.

Consider the following example. Let's say you want to teach someone to drive a vehicle. Furthermore, let's say you have two vehicles yourself, an older one, which drives fine, but has some age on it. And another, a new sports car. It's your pride and joy. Which vehicle are you going to take the first time driver out in? That's a no-brainer. The older of the two vehicles. Then, if you're feeling generous, after they've got driving all figured out you may let them drive your new sports car.

The same is true with life's opportunities, the ones which yield the bigger payoffs. We can't expect to just start off -- without someone entrusting us with the "keys to the kingdom" when we are just beginning. They have to get to know us, we have to prove to them, through our actions that we're capable of accomplishing whatever they ask of us. As we do, we build trust, and build a track record that we can in fact accomplish whatever we are tasked with.

We need to study each and every opportunity to ensure success towards our goal, if that opportunity is attempted upon. If we do, we can save a lot of time, energy and money in the process. Hit and Try is a good method if you do not have any previous experience or a guide to do so. When you do it by this process, you must attempt on the smaller risks, then go to the higher ones.

Be Happy – Attempt on every Opportunity.