Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Be Happy – We Need To Change Our Attitude.

It is human psychology that we prefer pleasures. But it is a known fact that almost every pleasure seeks some sacrifice unless that is bestowed upon us by some divine power. When we find ourselves in chilling winter, we hear, “It's Freezing! When will it be summer?" To our children, we try to explain that winter is just one of our seasons, and soon enough summer will arrive. They may not get convinced easily and perhaps may add, “But it is freezing cold. There's snow and ice everywhere. We can't even go out to play it is so cold." Since we know their innocence and our duty to quench their curiosity, some time we have to say, "We just have to enjoy the cold and wait for summer. It will get better." They may not understand that they have to go through winter and spring before summer arrives. They just knew it was cold and thought it would be that way forever.
They don't realize that it will get better, it will get warmer and they will get to play in the park again. They just know today is cold, yesterday was cold and for a while they haven't been able to play on the monkey bars in the park. And they want to know why it isn't summer. We all want things to get better now. You want certain things to get better in your life right now and you can get what you want. If things aren't going the way you want think of it as your winter period. It will get better, it won't stay this way forever, but first you have to create the changes you want.

During winter, it seems like nothing is growing or improving. But deep underground, the roots of trees, plants and grass are all getting their nourishment, and storing what they need to sprout in spring. And just like nature is constantly at work, you're always feeding your subconscious mind. You're either giving it the nourishment and information it needs to make your life better, or you're giving it the wrong information, the kind that makes your life harder.
If you want to enjoy greater success, if you want to make more money, meet the right person, get a better job, make the right choices, then you have to give your subconscious the right information. You have to feed your subconscious mind and inner powers the nourishment they need to bring you what you want. Just like mother nature is always at work, always giving us what we need at the right time, your subconscious and inner power are also constantly at work. Your subconscious and inner powers are always creating and shaping your life. You don't see them actively doing this. They just work quietly in the background. They create and shape your life based on what you feed them and how you direct them.

If you wanted to have a beautiful looking lawn, flower or vegetable garden you would have to take care of them. You'd have to give them the right combination of  food, seeds, water, and nourishment. You'd also have to spend plenty of time removing the weeds, and getting rid of any unwanted plants that could destroy your garden. This all takes time and requires patience. But with the right techniques and by doing the right combination of things you'll see the payoff within a few short months. You may not be a gardener, you may not even have a garden, and you may never want one. But you do have a mind, a subconscious mind and you  have your inner powers. You need to feed them the right information (food), nourish them and constantly give them the right direction (like water to a garden). Then you have to be patient, continue working, continue applying the right techniques and continue doing the right combination of things.

When you will continue to hammer upon something, one day you'll see the payoff. It all requires practice and discipline. So today think about what you want in a few short months. Now begin directing your subconscious mind and your inner powers by giving them the right information and the right directions so that you get what you want in those few short months You know, Nature is very powerful.  It can be very kind or it can be very destructive. Your subconscious is also very powerful. It can be very kind or it can make your life very difficult. While you can't control nature, you can control and direct your subconscious mind. This gives you tremendous power. Your subconscious and inner powers create your life based on your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes. When you have a garden filled with weeds you have to remove those weeds or they'll choke off all the wonderful plants, flowers and grass in your beautiful garden. If you take too long to remove them, they get stronger and they get harder to remove.

Negative thoughts, negative beliefs and a negative attitude are the weeds of the mind. If you don't remove them they'll choke off and destroy all that is good in your life. The longer they stay in place the harder they are to remove. But you can get rid of them. You can remove them. No matter how long those negative thoughts, negative beliefs, and negative attitudes have been on your subconscious mind you can get rid of them. The sooner you start the better. And you get rid of them by thinking about what you want and giving your subconscious mind new instructions, new thoughts, and new beliefs all of which lead to a new attitude.
Once those new thoughts and beliefs are planted on your subconscious you'll begin to see dramatic changes. Like spring, it will be a new beginning and a new awakening. You have the power to create and change your life. You have the power to get exactly what you want in life.That power is your subconscious mind. If you're not getting what you want, If you're not making enough money, If you're not in the right relationship, If you can't meet the right people, If things just aren't going the way you want. It means that you're not giving your subconscious mind 
the right information and you're not giving it  the right nourishment. You also have too many weeds on your subconscious and you need to get rid of those weeds today. 

You need to start using your power, begin creating exactly what you want, get your subconscious and your inner powers working for you today and get rid of the weeds that are destroying your life. How? It is quite simple. This can be done by you very easily.
You may ascertain your targets, identify your resources, chalk out your time-bound programme to achieve it, start working on it and continue till you achieve your targets without relaxing even for a minute.
Today in the era of global economical liberation, we find that at one hand, we are seeing growing needs and fatty pockets and on the other hand, we see recession and deaths due to unemployment etc. A great imbalance! Some countries have sufficient resources of raw materials but they do not have skills to exploit them to their benefits. Some other countries good market but lack infrastructure to move further.
All this is due to lack of proper management. Some time it happens due to the attitude of those who are supposed to manage them. Somewhere it is due to the working of the politicians who make and/or modify the laws to suit their specific needs. Somewhere, the bureaucrats are there to interpret the laws to meet their corrupt working. Sometime, some judicial officers work with a prior mind set-up. Not only these pillars of the democracy, sometime media, generally in private sector, also create hype in respect of a particular story as they might be doing in form of paid agents. The government media persons tell what the Government needs to be highlighted and sometime, the truth gets hidden.
In the global liberation created by fast moving communication and transport systems, we need to change our attitude to adjust with the new equations and try to reduce the opportunities of corruption in our practice. Once we do, we can ask other one to follow the same practice. If that one does not change, we can take the shelter of law to enforce our rights. But we need to perform our duties first. We need to change our attitude first, then to seek happiness for ourselves and others too.
Be Happy – We Need To Change Our Attitude.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Be Happy – We May Make Our Nation Happier.

Yesterday, it was 64th Republic Day of our Great Bharat that is called as India.
With a lot of struggle almost by all the sections of our society, we achieved the freedom and the reins of governance came in the hands of the persons elected by the people. Our dreams were there and the zeal too for implementation. For long, our forefathers struggled in their simplicity and after getting freedom, in majority of the principles of governance the same attitude prevailed. But human psychology in the changing times did not permit and in result, we found that the simplicity was encroached upon by the greed of power and those who wished to have power used all kinds of methods to achieve and retain it anyhow. We forgot the ideals of Ram Rajya and those conceived by our freedom fighters.
Today, we find that in course of time, the public life has become a matter of formal obligations only; we face lack of our emotions with others and became more self-centric. The family values are diminishing. Generally, we assign this depreciation to growing effect of the western culture on the eastern culture. But it is not so, both cultures have their own merits. It is we who select what to adopt.
Presently, Bharat in all its aspects is plunging ever deeper into a multiplicity of crises that needs attention and questioning its governing principles, practices and institutions. Our democratic system is said to have four main pillars to stand on – Law Makers, Law Implementation Agency, Judiciary and Media. All the four pillars have got their roles well defined to maintain balance. If anyone(s) of them is found not performing the duties properly, that would definitely create problems.
Today, we find that in the law making bodies, there are a number of persons who have got criminal allegations against them. The politics has become so dirty that its practitioners, called politicians do not get into power by merit alone. They exercise and use money and muscle power. The law implementation body which we may call as the group of bureaucrats has lowered their goodwill to such extent that a simple person does not think simply that he would get his due rightfully unless he spends something extra either in shape of money, kinds or some other way. The majority of the bureaucrats have got such a gruesome system developed with the law making persons that does not provide relief to a common man easily. Judiciary is there where a common man was expecting some solace but that too has entangled itself in the methods and intricacies of the law so bitterly that a common person does not feel easy to afford an opportunity to get some relief from the web knitted by the politicians and the bureaucrats. Media has for some time been found active to disclose the wrongs being committed by the politicians and the bureaucrats but in course of time, some of them are enjoying gifts for the paid news and many times the truth comes in front only when the deal does not mature. In total, the present state of affairs does not speak well about the future in case we do not take corrective action immediately.
When we talk of the nation, we talk of the society as well. How we are maintaining our family, how we are dealing with other families or members thereof depends very much upon our innate behavior with them. We know that innate behavior is the inherent inclination of a living organism toward a particular complex behavior. Any behavior is instinctive if it is performed without being based upon prior experience (that is, in the absence of learning), and is therefore an expression of innate biological factors. Sea turtles, newly hatched on a beach, will automatically move toward the ocean. Honeybees communicate by dancing in the direction of a food source without formal instruction. Other examples include animal fighting, animal courtship behavior, internal escape functions, and the building of nests.
It appears that due to long period of slavery, our innate behavior did not change and even after getting freedom, we did not attach importance to our rights and duties as much they were warranted for being a responsible citizen of a free nation. The freedom was granted to us with a plethora of the problems like illiteracy, poverty, unemployment, social imbalances, gender differences etc.
It is a matter of some satisfaction that now, with the passage of more than six decades, a larger section of the people has started to understand the value of the rights granted under the Constitution. We have just seen the movements created by Anna Hazare, Ram Deo, Arvind Kejriwal and thereafter, the spontaneous reaction of the youth against the Dec 16 gang-rape. It indicates a beginning of the change when the youth appeared to have taught the older generation. But the Police including their top brass like DGPs, ministries and the governing class could not deliver what they were expected.
Today, we need total cleansing of our system. We need stiffer provision for banning entrance of the criminals into law making bodies, use of the money and muscle power into election process and ensuring better representation of the public instead of hair-thin majority, right of calling back, limited tenures, minimum education level, retirement age and other reforms for the persons aspiring to enter into law making bodies. Politicization of crime must stop. At present politicians are disqualified for elections if there is conviction; they should be disqualified once cognizance of offence is taken by the court, you don't have to wait for the trial to end. Police reforms a must for preservation of rule of law. Law enforcement agencies must not become tools in the hands of political masters.
For law implementation bodies, we need the persons’ answerability for the duties assigned for implementation of the policy by corruption free and time-bound working. For judiciary, I feel that this pillar, the judiciary has the primary responsibility of ensuring fundamental rights through constitutional remedies. The CJI can take suo motu cognizance and social activists should assist the court. The Chief Justice of the high court of every state should device appropriate machinery for quicker and cheaper delivery of the justice by setting up benches in divisional headquarters all over the States. The Judiciary must change its attitude of following the system as such. It should keep care that natural justice should come up in front of the cumbersome procedures and the victims should not continue to suffer.  The FIR of each crime must be registered online to avoid delay and corruption. The Government can designate cyber cafes and set up retail outlets for registering the FIR online anytime. The fee of the advocates must be decided reasonably and every member of the judiciary must declare the assets acquired from time to time.
The Government should ensure that academic and vocational education be made compulsory for every child irrespective of the caste, color and creed. Health facilities are provided free of cost to all those who are living below poverty line. All marriages in the country, should be solemnized after ascertaining financial soundness and medical perfection of the both and mandatorily be registered in the presence of a magistrate and the magistrate will ensure that the marriage has been solemnized without any demand for dowry having been made and that the marriage has taken place with the full and free consent of both partners. Inter caste marriages must be promoted.
Juvenile homes should be run in the spirit envisaged in the Juvenile Justice Act so that juvenile homes should not become breeding grounds of all sorts of sex crimes. Trafficking of minor children must be made a serious offence, to be punished with rigorous imprisonment for a term which shall not be less than seven years, but which may also extend to 10 years. If any police officer, public servant is found trafficking a child there should be a stricter sentence against him.
The girls should be given training in Krav Maga (a non-competitive eclectic self-defence system developed in Israel that involves boxing, muay Thai, jiu-jitsu and wrestling) and the boys upto 18 years must join NCC. Public places must be kept under constant vigil to avoid the bad elements’ working there. The people must be encouraged to use public conveyance. Cultural exchanges and sports must be promoted more. The government/NGOs must ensure that every city must have a well equipped library. Girls’ hostels, working women’s hostels, old age shelter houses and orphanages must be maintained well.
We can enumerate a number of steps more but we need sincere efforts for their implementation in national interests. Once we are able to introduce sincerity in our character for a noble and national cause, we would really be able to celebrate our national festivals more truly.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Be Happy – Gain Knowledge From Every Source.

Every one of us may need sufficient resources of earning to meet the basic needs like food, clothing and house to live in. After meeting basic needs, we take one step further and try to meet our social needs like maintaining our social network including contacts with our relatives, friends, clients etc through regular communications and exchanges. Thereafter, we come back to ourselves and organize for leading some luxurious life. In all these stages, finance works a lot. For that, we need expertise and resources. Nothing else, we just need to restore the memory of what we already know and how we can organize them in appropriate way.
We know that money cannot buy happiness, but we forget it easily in a consumer society when we see an attractive advertisement of a car, a computer and something else on our television screen or somewhere else exciting us for more spending and getting new and newer things for our enjoyments. As soon as it happens, we take up every step to gather affluence whether it is genuine or not.
We know that satisfaction simply is not for sale. The people, for whom money is a priority in life, tend to experience an unusual degree of anxiety and depression as well as a lower overall level of well-being. Why so? With good accumulation of money, we can ensure better medical treatment, better nutrients to keep ourselves healthy.
The demand of designer clothes, cell phones, SUVs, mutual funds-modern materialism seems the enemy of all. Advertising screams out insatiable consumption. Movies and television blast us with images of runaway wealth, instilling the notion that too much is never enough. The cycle of work and spend is sapping away all that matters in life. And prosperity continues to increase: we have more stuff each passing year.
People today find that the things they're buying and turning to are not fulfilling. Each person needs to be materially secure, of course. The cycle of consumption leaves us with an unlaced craving for transcendence. For some, consumerism is the new opiate. We are becoming so frantically time-stressed as to be close to losing our minds, while cell phones and laptops and similar devices are cited to represent the assumption that today there is never a moment away from the demands of job, kids, and stuff.
To the extent people are stressed for time, often it is the pursuit of the material that causes the condition. Wanting a 4,000-square-foot house with a three-car garage and two SUVs forces you to take on a huge mortgage and accept long commutes.
Then you find that you're rarely in the house because you are working to pay off the monthly note, or stuck on the freeway trying to get home. It would not be difficult to trade back some of this material superfluity for time and a less stressful day. In pursuit of materialism, some people still value "extrinsic goals" like money, fame and beauty.
Such people are not only more depressed, but also indicate more behavioral problems and physical discomfort, as well as scoring lower on measures of vitality and self-actualization. While not every study has investigated the full list of effects, the pattern that emerges from the research project as a whole is remarkably consistent. They encourage to try to strike it rich, but the more we seek satisfactions in material goods, the less we find them there.The satisfaction has a short half-life; it's very fleeting.
Moreover, the detrimental effect of extrinsic goals seems to hold regardless of age or even level of income: A preoccupation with money bodes ill regardless of how much money one already has. The effects also appear not to be limited to any one culture. The fact that pursuing wealth is psychologically unhelpful and often destructive comes through very strongly in every culture.
Money or affluence, per se, does not necessarily result in an unsatisfying life. Problems are primarily associated with living a life where that's your focus. Nevertheless, the negative psychological picture does seem to be associated with the extent to which people believe they are already on the way to attaining extrinsic goals. A study surveyed about 300 youths, some in the United States and some in Russia. In both countries, lower levels of mental health were found not only in people who wanted to make a lot of money but also in those who thought they were likely to succeed at it.
Another study found that college students who were already relatively high in the attainment of appearance, financial success and popularity were nevertheless lower in well-being and self-esteem. Those who aspired to affluence also had more transient relationships, watched more television and were more likely to use cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs than were those who placed less emphasis on extrinsic goals. They do not have self confidence to accomplish any target. They wish to achieve success through unethical means.
Apart from its obvious implications for a culture that thrives on material gain, this whole line of research raises questions about the proclivity of some psychologists to analyze the dynamics of what is often called goal-directed behavior while, in effect, ignoring the nature of the goal. It reiterates homespun advice to follow one's dream, whatever it may be.
It is also known that neither income nor attraction is strongly correlated with a sense of well-being.  The sense of well-being correlates with our mental status. But what about our mental status? If that does not stand well, the physical health may not go on intact. A good emotional life maintains better health overall. For upkeep of your emotional health, pursuing goals that reflect genuine human needs, like wanting to feel connected to others, turns out to be more psychologically beneficial than spending one's life trying to impress others or to accumulate trendy clothes, fancy gizmos and the money to keep buying them.
Some parents provide excessive money to their children as a token of their love but do not attend them psychologically because of lack of time due to their professional/commercial/social and/or other engagements. When parents are cold and controlling, their children apparently focus on attaining security and a sense of worth through external sources.
This seems consistent with anecdotal accounts of very wealthy men who grew up in troubled homes. Such stories are sometimes cited as evidence that they made the best of a bad thing, turning out well despite or because of their unhappy childhoods. The problem with this interpretation is that they may not have turned out so well after all. They just turned out wealthy.
It is not entirely clear why a poor psychological profile would go hand-in-hand with a quest for extrinsic goals. It may be that unhappy people are more likely than others to chase after money and fame. Conversely, the very act of chasing after money and fame may reduce one's sense of well-being, perhaps because it makes you ignore the goals that could lead you to have more satisfying experiences. Yet another possibility is that extrinsic goals and poorer psychological health are symptoms of something else that is amiss.
We may need more thoughts tease apart cause and effect between mental peace and affluence. Young adults whose parents were divorced or separated demonstrated higher levels of both material values and compulsive buying. This suggests that such people use material objects as surrogates for absent parents. But it has also been experienced that the people who are more materialistic tend to be unhappy with their lives. This effect may be moderated or even eliminated for those who have close caring relationships.
Now, we may see how we can gain a balance between our emotional life and materialism. Undoubtedly, money, or we say affluence, plays an important role in organizing ourselves to meet our basic, social and other needs, including our emotional attainments too. But it is required to be handled carefully. There is one story narrated by Mr.Deepak Chopra, which tells us the importance of knowledge. I quote it in his words to spread his message.
Once upon a time in a faraway land, a young man went to the forest and said to his spiritual master, “I want to have unlimited wealth, and with that unlimited wealth, I want to help and heal the world. Will you please tell me the secret to creating affluence?”
And the spiritual master replied, “There are two Goddesses that reside in the heart of every human being. Everybody is deeply in love with these supreme beings. But there is a certain secret that you need to know, and I will tell you what it is.
“Although you love both Goddesses, you must pay more attention to one of them. She is the Goddess of Knowledge, and her name is Sarasvati. Pursue her, love her, and give her your attention. The other Goddess, whose name is Lakshmi, is the Goddess of Wealth. When you pay more attention to Sarasvati, Lakshmi will become extremely jealous and pay more attention to you. The more you seek the Goddess of Knowledge, the more the Goddess of Wealth will seek you. She will follow you wherever you go and never leave you. And the wealth you desire will be yours forever”.
There is power in knowledge, thinking, desire and spirit. And this power is within you and that is the key to creating affluence to make happy
Be Happy – Gain Knowledge From Every Source.