Sunday, August 16, 2015

Be Happy - Start Up India Stand Up India.

For some time, the hope for smooth living was not in sight. It appeared that in every wing of administration, government as well as in judiciary and media, everywhere there would not be any solace unless we had some good amount of money in pocket to bribe or spend lavishly, even to get what we rightfully deserved.  Not only on borders, law and order had depreciated within the lanes of the city and villages and our families were always worried if we could come back to home safely and for those who were out of homes for work were equally worried about the safety of their families. There were incidents where the whole family had been looted and/or beaten horribly. The conditions have not changed so much but there is some improvement in sight now. We hope that they would improve further because some awareness towards collective responsibility is coming up.
Still we need to do a lot. Yesterday, after greeting the nation on its 69th Independence day, the hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi  touched many points of interest and inspiration for the Indians. The highlights of his speech can be mentioned below:
I salute our brave freedom fighters today.
This is the Team that makes the nation and takes our nation to new heights
Be it casteism or communalism, there is no place for them. In no way can they be tolerated
Jan Bhagidari' is the biggest asset of our democracy. "Be it MyGov, letters from citizens, Mann Ki Baat, communication with people...daily Jan Bhagidari is increasing", the PM said.
The poor want to move away from poverty and that is why, all our programmes must be for the poor- PM Modi
Bank accounts are essential for integrating poor into the financial system, 17 crore people opened accounts under Jan Dhan Yojna.
All our programmes and institutions should be helpful to the poor; have to empower them through financial inclusion.
Last time from the Red Fort I spoke about toilets and cleanliness. People wondered what kind of PM is he, talking about these issues.
If there is something that has touched every person, it is the movement towards cleanliness.
Almost 4.25 lakh toilets were built in 2.62 lakh schools nationwide in one year; this gives self-confidence that we can do what we want.
Who has given maximum strength to Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan? It is the children of India.
We have been very successful in our campaign to make toilets, especially for girls in schools across India.
We introduced Shrameva Jayate Yojana. It is an effort to change the way we look at the workers of India.
 Dignity of labour has to be our national duty, it has to be a part of our nature.
 India can be free of corruption but we need lots of measures. We have to start from top.
 Some people like to remain in 'Nirasha'. And they are not satisfied till they have spoken about it to other people.
20 lakh Indians have given up LPG subsidy
Coal block auction has been undertaken by the govt, national exchequer will get Rs 3 lakh crore.
 On the issue of black money, we took a lot of steps within such a short time. We formed a SIT under the SC's guidance the day we took over.
Some people are worried about tough law on black money. It has ensured that nobody dares to take black money out of the country.
 PM makes disclosure that Rs 6500 crores disclosed under compliance window of black money and foreign assets law.
CBI has registered 1800 corruption cases after we formed government.
India cannot develop till the eastern part of India develops.
India will progress if Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Odisha and the north east develop.
Even after so many decades of Independence there are 18,500 villages in India which do not have electricity.
We affirm our commitment to provide electricity to all those villages that do not have electricity.
 Agriculture ministry to be renamed as ministry of agriculture and farmer welfare for institutionalised care of the farmers.This is not just a change in nomenclature of the ministry. This means farmers issues would get prime importance in the ministry's scheme of things.
A new vertical has been created to look after farmers' welfare and to help those farmers who are in distress.
Start up India' and 'Stand up India', PM exerts in his speech.
As part of the Skill India and Digital India initiative, the Prime Minister said a package of incentives will be given to manufacturing units for generating jobs.
Our government has agreed to One Rank One Pension in principle, talks are in last stages.
The Prime Minister reiterated his government's resolve to make India a developed nation by 2022, with a house and access to basic services like electricity, to all. He said the government had resolved to connect with electricity, all the 18,500 villages which still remain without power, within the next 1000 days. He also reiterated his vision for the development of eastern India.
Questioning the practice of interviews for recruitment even at relatively junior levels, the Prime Minister called upon concerned departments to end this practice at the earliest, and to promote merit by recruiting only through transparent, online processes.
He announced a new campaign 'Start-up India; Stand up India' to promote bank financing for start-ups and offer incentives to boost entrepreneurship and job creation. From the Red Fort, he added that each of the 1.25 lakh bank branches should encourage at least one Dalit or Adivasi entrepreneur and at least one woman entrepreneur. He also promised to do away with the current practice of interview-based selections for low-skilled government jobs. More significantly, the Prime Minister announced the 'Start-Up India' initiative, to encourage entrepreneurship among the youth of India. "We are looking at systems for enabling start-ups. We must be number one in start-ups... Start-up India; Stand up India," he said, exhorting all bank branches to fund at least one start-up of tribals and dalits. The initiative, Shri Modi said, would give a new dimension to entrepreneurship and help in setting up a network of start-ups in the country.
As part of the Skill India and Digital India initiative, the Prime Minister said a package of incentives will be given to manufacturing units for generating jobs. Shri Modi also questioned the practice of "interviews" for recruitments even at relatively junior levels and asked departments concerned to end this practice at the earliest and promote merit by recruiting only through transparent, online processes. The Prime Minister reiterated his government's resolve to make India a developed nation by 2022, with a house and access to basic services like electricity to all. Talking about the financial inclusive programme Jan Dhan, he said 17 crore bank accounts were opened. Although these were to be zero-balance accounts, people deposited a whopping Rs 20,000 crore in them, reflecting the "richness of India's poor", he added. The Prime Minister also spoke of the welfare schemes launched by the his government, including Atal Pension Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Yojana, and the schemes launched for labour welfare. He said 10 crore people have enrolled for social security schemes in a mere 100 days. He added that the government has resolved to provide electricity to all the 18,500 villages which still remain without power within the next 1,000 days. He also reiterated his vision for the development of eastern India.
Here some of the announcements made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday during his Independence Day address:
-18,500 villages which still remain without power to be provided electricity in the next 1,000 days.
- Government to club 44 labour laws into four codes to simplify them for the people.
- Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana launched with an outlay of Rs. 50,000 crore.
- Ministry of Agriculture would be renamed as the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers' Welfare.
- A "Start-Up India" initiative to encourage entrepreneurship among the youth.
- One-Rank, One-Pension accepted "in-principle". Modalities being worked out with stakeholders.
- Boost to financial inclusion with 17 crore bank accounts opened through the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana.
- Scheme for direct transfer of LPG subsidy has resulted in savings of Rs. 15,000 crore.
- Corruption cases probed by CBI have gone up from 800 before NDA government assumed office to 1800 now.
- Each of 1.25 lakh bank branches should encourage at least one Dalit or adivasi entrepreneur and at least one woman entrepreneur.

If we go through the inspiring speech of the Prime Minister on the eve of Independence Day, we feel that he has been able to arouse inspiration in the common man towards the governance. But keeping in view the performance of the bureaucracy for last 68 years, we may not be able to make the hope of improvement so easily and hopefully. There is a need of revamping their attitude through all sorts of the commands. In passage of time, they have joined hands and work in gloves with the corrupt politicians resulting into mismanagement of the resources, deteriorated law and order, unsafe borders and wide-spread corruption.

We will have to change ourselves and bring about the transparency in our income resources and expenses not to evade the taxes. The accumulation of unaccounted for money becomes headache and we start to invest that accumulation unethically. In a study, it is revealed that even those people who do not pay income tax have to pay out about 50 to 65% of their income through indirect taxes/service taxes/excise duties  etc. Though the Governments too are required to rationalize the tax structure to enable every citizen to pay tax smoothly, we are also required to ensure that we may declare our income sincerely.  

Further, we are also required to ensure that we would like to take what we deserve and when we deserve. In case we get something undeserving, we would let it go to the deserving fellow citizens.  The government provides subsidy on many products to make them reach by those who are not able to afford. Those who can afford easily must give up subsidy. At least those who are Income tax payers because of their income must give up subsidy on LPG connections they do have. 20 Lakhs Indians have already given up subsidy on LPG. Likewise subsidy on diesel is primarily meant for farmers for their agricultural activities but our rich fellows use the same for their luxury 4-wheelers. We are having reservation in jobs for some classes of society. They are enjoying the same in spite of the fact they have in course of time become well-to-do families but still seek reservation. Such privileges will have to be given up voluntarily in interest of the nation, in interest of those Indians who really deserve. Unless we do not sacrifice the excess with us, we can not expect the other ones to do so.

The Prime Minister has exhorted all the Indians to work like a team and with the Team India of 125 crores Indians, we can make the miracles. Since we made in past and showed to the world, we can repeat the same now also not only for being happy in the rest of our life but leave behind a better India for next generations too. We all need to work hard with all the sincerity at heart for the nation. We need to be happy and for which, we must work hard.

Be Happy – Start Up India, Stand Up India