Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Be Happy – Purify the Air for Healthy Breath

As we are aware, air, water and food are essential for the survival of every living being. It is ironical to observe that the man, who is considered to be the most intelligent amongst all the creations by God, has built up the grand edifice of progressive civilization and scientific evolution with a near total neglect of the foundational support system of nature. The ever growing race of so called technological and industrial advancement has affected the environment to such extent that the life on the earth appears to be heading towards the edge of extinction. You can easily observe the gravity of the threat no less on the social and cultural values. Every thoughtful mind is naturally concerned to find some way out.

During last few decades, we have witnessed several attempts for environmental protection like forestation, protection protocols, policies etc. at the national and international levels to combat the threats posed by Global Warming, Green House Gases, Depletion of Ozone Layer, Industrial waste, Pesticides and Toxicity of Soil and Crops, scarcity of drinking water, ecological degradation, tsunami waves and other environmental disasters. However no solution came forward to control the root cause. The on-going developments on alternate energy systems, non-conventional resources generation, reprocessing of natural resources are too expensive and sometime impractical for implementation in this geographically and economically heterogeneous world. Imbalanced concentration of population adds to the complexities and the situation remains largely grim.

Amongst environmental problems, air pollution occupies the most important place. If you do not have oxygen, you can not live. We know that our economic growth depends upon our industrial growth. Greater industrial growth means emission of greater quantity of toxic particles which move through the air across the surrounding regions and also far away. Our economic progress is linked also to our mobility through automobile traffic which is also responsible for polluting the air by the release of poisonous gases and harmful particles in the air we breathe in.

A blanket of chemicals, dust, industrial emissions, aerosols and motor vehicles exhausts has built up in the most of the developed and developing countries. When wind drop, this accumulation of toxins grows bigger waiting to be blown on to other continents. The ecologically damaging emissions have most dangerously also caused depletion in the protective ozone layer above the earth’s atmosphere and thus invited hazardous radiations from the space. The alarming rise in varieties of cancers and respiratory problems on one hand and the rising temperatures of the globe as a whole on the other are most obvious and prominent nuisances of this pollution.

Be it Rio-de-Janeiro Conference, Kyoto protocol, Doha Summit or any other treaty on pollution control, none has been able to abate this threat to the desired level for the reason that no country wishes to put the economic growth on stake due to huge expenses, political and geographical constraints associated with effective action against the source of pollution. These are the exercises of the modern age.

If we go through our old history, we find that Vedic Scriptures provide solution to the environmental problems very effectively. They consider Earth – soil, water and earth’s atmosphere, Space and the Sun (plus the solar system) collectively. All components of Nature are said to be interrelated and interdependent and all powers of nature, origins of natural resources and life forms including plants and trees are given due respect in the vedic hymns as manifestations and reflections of the divine creation – thus emphasizing the importance of each. Several of the Vedic texts preach that the earth water fire air plants and animals are together supporting human life system on this planet and provide guidelines towards ecological balance and healthy co-existence of all.

As per the Vedic literature, whenever there is an imbalance in the natural harmony of the various components, nature begins destruction process to correct. The word ‘Kravyād’ is used to describe the cause of the pollution, the substances which harm the ecosystem and hence the human life. Interestingly, the Vedic scriptures also mention the occurrence of environmental pollution including air, water and soil pollution because of artificial equipments, machineries and toxic unnatural substances like synthesized chemicals etc.

On the other hand, green mountains, monsoon clouds, natural rains, rivers and springs, plants and trees, sunlight, morning atmosphere are referred as purifiers of the atmosphere. Hymn no.3|21|10 of the Atharva Veda and hymns no.10|35|2, 10|66|9, 10|66|10 and 10|64|8 of the Rig Veda mention:

Ye parvatāh som pristha āpah, vātah parjanya ādaniśte kravyadmaśişamaņa

“Air” is often referred in the Vedic literature as “vāta” or “vāyŭ” and oxygen in particular as “prāna-vāyu” viśuddha (pure) vāyŭ”.

At one place, the Atharva Veda instructs that air and water are sacred and like natural medicines and so it is very important to keep them clean and pure. Rig Veda grades oxygen as elixir and so it should always be available in its natural pure form. This implies that one should not carry out any activity because of which the oxygen is diminished or air is adulterated. Rig Veda also says that if the forests/plants are destroyed, it will adversely affect the oxygen level as well as the mineral wealth, as trees and plants are also the saviors of the precious wealth contained inside the earth.

These scriptures provide guidelines for purification of the atmosphere. Amongst many systems, they emphasize over conducting yagya (Fire Ritual) for ecological balance. Yagya is a scientific process of sublimation and transformation of health constituents of plants/herbal medicines into vapour phase and their expansion and dissipation in the surrounding air. It also helps in maintaining balance of oxygen, carbon-di-oxide and reducing the harmful growth of poisonous and ozone layer-depleting gases and radiations etc. It is considered as nucleus of all the natural cycles. Yajur Veda mentions:

Ayum yagyo bhuvanasya nābhih

Yagya is the source of prana-parjanaya (shower of water and air purifying and vital elements) from the upper layer of earth’s atmosphere and space beyond. It is the best way to eliminate pollution and most effective eco-friendly method of removing harmful germs, bacteria and other carriers of infections and diseases. It is the source of energy and vigorous vegetation. Hence, as and when we find convenient, we must conduct yagya for purification of the air, an essential need of our life.

Be Happy – Purify the Air for Healthy Breath.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Be Happy – Enhance Your Income by Working At Home (Part 3)

As we know, we have got limited time to work in a day – we have to give at least 6 hours for our natural needs, some relaxing, some eating etc. If we may try to use up these hours too in our work, we may break down after a few days. Our body requires something to convert into energy and without energy, nothing can be operated well. This is the reason why time is the most valuable in our life and we need to manage the available time the most prudently. In the earlier posts, I had submitted some suggestions. This is in continuation thereto.

Outsourcing: How to Get More Done in Less .

Time is really equal to money. If you are an internet entrepreneur, you need to ask yourself what the best use of your time really is because it is your time that equals money. The health of your bottom line is directly affected by the way that you choose to allot your working hours.

First let’s discuss what your job really is as an internet entrepreneur. Your job is to grow your business. Your job is to make those contacts that will make you money. Your job is to conceive ideas and bring them to fruition. Your job is to close that deal! You do agree with that description of your job duties as an internet entrepreneur, don’t you?

Okay! Now let’s discuss what your job as an internet entrepreneur is not. Being an internet entrepreneur does not qualify you as an accountant, an advertising guru or a writer. You aren’t qualified to be an event planner or a travel agent. When you decide to become an internet entrepreneur, your intention does not automatically make you a ‘master-of-all-trades’. You need to learn intricacies of the trade you are going to opt. If it is not possible, you must outsource the knowledge – that will be cheaper in terms of time.

You should not waste a lot of your valuable time on tasks that you can not plan because of your resources, environment and caliber. It is your job to make your business grow and you’ll be good at that provided that is where you use your time and direct your energies.

If you insist upon doing everything yourself, whether you are good at it or not, you will use up all of your thoughts and energy and have nothing left to do the things that only you can do to make your business grow.

• For your accounts, hire an accountant or accounting services provider.

Every business must keep a record of its day to day financial transactions and even the smallest of transactions add up to big tax deductions over the period of a year. You can’t simply file everything under ‘miscellaneous’ and you can’t spend an hour or so every day taking care of just mundane bookkeeping duties either. Bookkeepers and accountants only charge for the time that they actually spend working for you. Usually they have many clients.

If they spend one hour working on your records then you will only be charged for that one hour. YOU aren’t a bookkeeper or an accountant and you would have likely spent three or four hours doing the same tasks and then with questionable results. Hire an accountant or a bookkeeping service! It will save your time and in turn, your money you might have lost due to investment of more time than a qualified accountant does and the money you may pay him/her.

• Hire a VA (Virtual Assistant)

A virtual assistant can save you hours and hours of time on the mundane tasks that are required to be accomplished in order to run a successful internet business.

A VA can check your email and send only the emails that you need to personally deal with to you. Internet entrepreneurs get more junk mail than anybody! A good VA can also act as a travel agent and make airline and hotel reservations for you. He can program your visits and meetings etc. in advance so that you may have a smooth working in your office as well as out of your office/town. Hire a VA!

• Use ghost writers and article submission services.

Writing articles and E-books is always a big part of all internet marketing no matter what the niche might be. You will need to have website content and you will also need to submit articles and E-books to banks and repositories for others to use along with your resource box in order to build up your online credibility.

Ghost writers will post to blogs and forums for you above your own signature file that includes your name and website. Some ghost writers will also submit articles and E-books to banks and repositories for you. If the ghost writer that you employ does not, then you can seek an articles submission company to do that time consuming task for you as well.

• Use an advertising agency

Now advertising agencies don’t work cheap so you will need to be very, very specific about what you want them to do for your business. You can likely get PPC advertisements written rather reasonably and even that will be a huge help to you in terms of time. There are only just so many hours in a day and you can only spend just so many of those hours working at making your online business successful. There is still life outside of business.

You have friends and family that do require some measure of your time. That makes it even more vital that you use your time to make your business grow and not waste your time by spending doing the everyday tasks that can take so much of your valuable time.
Think outsourcing!

Guerrilla Methods to save money and spend less than your competitors

The formula for determining profit is a really simple one and the one that all budgets are based upon. Income – Expenses = Profit. It isn’t complicated. There are two ways to improve your profit; (1) increase income or (2) decrease expenses. If you are able to figure out both simultaneously, it will be a splendid task you will accomplish. I say, if you are able to increase your income even by keeping your expenses on the same level, it means that you are able to enhance your margin. But unfortunately increasing income is much harder than decreasing expenses when it comes to improving your bottom line.

Fortunately, working at home comes with some built in savings right up front. You don’t have to buy that expensive gasoline to get to and from work. You don’t have to keep your working wardrobe up to date. You can eat a sandwich for lunch in your own kitchen. And all of these are good money-saving things when you work at home.

There are, however, some other measures that you can take to help decrease your work at home expenses. I may make some money saving suggestions:

• Don’t buy every piece of software that comes to your knowledge.

Most of us who work at home are software junkies. We love software….all kinds of software…and before we know it we have software on top of software and more software than we need or even can use.

• Don’t buy bigger programs than you need.

Often programs that help us accomplish the necessary tasks are offered in various sizes. You might be planning on having a hundred employees next year but you don’t need software to manage a hundred employees this year. You can always upgrade when the time comes. Today you need to save the bucks and go with only what you need today.

• Don’t spend unnecessary funds on your advertising campaign.

So many times new entrepreneurs will start out running advertising without making out the forecasts. They will choose every single key word and phrase possible and then let the advertisements continuously. This is a huge waste of advertising funds. You need to learn to read the statistics that are provided to you by search engines and gear your advertisements to only appear in search results under very controlled circumstances and only during specific hours. It isn’t hard to run up huge bills in a very short period of time and not make a single sale in the process.

• Take full advantage of free advertising to build your business and your credibility.

There are free ways to advertise that are almost as effective as paid-for advertising in E-zines and newsletters. Some of these free advertising methods are:

• Write E-books and articles and submit them to E-book repositories and article banks for others to use free of charge.

These articles and E-books are accompanied by your resource box and include your name and your website address.
• Post to blogs and forums that are related to the products and services that you sell.

You post above a signature that includes your name and your website address.
• A banner exchange with another website owner who promotes products and services which are complimentary to the products and services you sell.

It is yet another method of free advertising.
• Build a long and impressive opt-in list.

Email advertising is free but you need the recipient’s permission to send advertising emails.

• Learn to make your email advertisements viral.

There are a great many techniques that can be used to encourage the recipients of your advertising emails to share them with friends and family.
• Sign up with a good flat-rate long distance telephone service.

The internet is a worldwide place of business and it isn’t hard to run up a long distance bill of big amounts of money pretty quickly. A flat-rate long distance telephone service can save you a lot of money over time.

The above list is not exhaustive – you can make additions at your end but remember the formula for determining profit: Income – Expenses = Profit.

It’s great to increase income when you can but you can always find ways to decrease expenses if you look for them. When you spend less, you make more and that will blow your competitors away!

Be Happy – Enhance Your Income by Working At Home.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Be Happy – Enhance Your Income by Working At Home (Part 2)

It is the prime need of the life that we should have some source of regular income to support ourselves. For this purpose, you can become employee to someone, you can become some professional by gaining some expertise in some area, you can become a businessman and you can become an Investor. In some areas, you get an option to work at home. If you opt for working at home, then, you need to observe some schedule of work over all other priorities even if they belong to your family matters. Have a clear cut demarcation between your family life and your working life at home.

Kindly remember that time for work-at-home entrepreneurs is their single most valuable asset. Nothing can replace time…valuable, precious time! No matter how rich or poor you are, no matter how many things are on your ‘to-do’ list, you still just get the regulation twenty-four hours each day. Sometimes I wish that I could use another twenty-four but that isn’t going to happen. I’ll bet that you could use more hours in your work day, as well.

The thing about those twenty-four allotted hours per day is that we can’t spend all of them working. We have to sleep during some of them. We have to take time to eat and there is the need of meeting our natural calls and shower, too. Similarly, our families and our friends require some of our time. Relationships must be nurtured. So…we can allow ourselves just so many work hours each day. Since our working time is limited that means that we must make the very most of the hours that we work. We can’t waste time on unimportant details or on tasks that others can do.

When you shave a few minutes here and a few minutes there, you will make more efficient use of your allotted work hours. I may submit a few suggestions:

• Email account efficiency:
We all have various email accounts. We use one account for this and another account for that. Checking each and every email account more than once a day can be a time consuming task that you very easily make less time consuming by having all of the email that comes to all of your various email account to come into one account. One email account takes a lot less time than several and you can still maintain all of your various email addresses.

Additionally, you don’t need to spend a lot of time reading and answering emails that are not going to add to your bottom line. Email comes in several varieties. There are emails that are business related, emails that are important but not business related and emails that are simply frivolous and time wasting. If an email has been forwarded several times, don’t waste your time.

If an email is addressed to a great many people, don’t waste any time on it either. Email can consume a lot of time. You need to filter the important from the irrelevant and only spend time on those emails that are related to your business.

• Set up time tables to help you prioritize your work day:
A scheduled work day is an efficient work day. You will get a lot more done in a lot less time if you know in advance and can see at a glance what task is next on your list. I like visual aids. A time table is a visual aid. It can help you allot your time efficiently and productively!

• Focus on result producing activities:
When you make your work day schedule, you need to be certain that the tasks that you schedule are the ones that will in fact make your business grow and thrive. Don’t waste your time, effort and energy on tasks that can be done by others. Take time to investigate outsourcing. You can add hours to your day each and every day when you outsource the mundane business tasks to others.

You can outsource such tasks as bookkeeping and accounting, article/E-book writing and submission, travel and event planning and ad writing. Others can do these tasks better and more efficiently than you can and your time is better spent on growing your business, making those contacts and closing those deals!

• Shave time off of counter-productive activities:
Like I said, your friends and families do required some of your time but you can also waste a whole ton of time on such unproductive activities as watching TV. You will be really surprised at how much of your day that you waste if you keep a record of your time expenditures over the course of several days’ time.

Now don’t misunderstand me. We all need down time. We all must relax our minds as well as our bodies. We can’t be all business all the time but we can limit our unproductive or counterproductive activities. Time is precious and time is limited. We need to make the very best use of every minute of every day that we possibly can.

We can discuss further about the management of our time in the next post.

Be Happy – Enhance Your Income by Working At Home.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Be Happy – Enhance Your Income by Working At Home (Part 1)

As we are generally told, God has given us limited time and breaths. How much time? How many breaths? It is not known to anyone. That is why time is of the Essence for all of us.

We should not waste our time on any account. Some people have already started to think in this direction. They wish they should not waste time much in commuting for their work stations even and therefore, prefer to work at home with the wish to work as and when they wish to do so.

It is true that if you are working at home, you can set your own work hours but it does not mean that you don’t have to have set work hours. You will have to maintain regularity in your schedule. A ‘hit or miss’ work schedule…or rather, the lack of any work schedule at all, simply will not work. Time is of the Essence! Your time is your property, your own property not to be wasted because it can not be revoked!

Working at home can be a very, very good thing. You can be at home to see the kids off to school and be at home when they get home. You can put a load of laundry in and it can run through the cycles while you are working. You can enjoy the work while making additional income for the home if you work at home also.

You know! You can have dinner cooked before a hungry family descends like a flock of hungry buzzards. All of those things are real perks that you automatically get when you work at home. But working at home can also be a very, very bad thing if you do not plan your time well and if you do not set up a work schedule that you and your family can live with. When you work at home, time really is of the essence. You will have to value your time, your working time.

You must make very good use of the time that you spend working. If you are not efficient in accomplishing the tasks that must be done, you will either spend too much time working or you will fail miserably at your work at home job or business. You must visualize as you are working at your work station. Decorate that place of your home as it is your real work station for which you had so far been commuting a lot.

You must set up a work schedule for yourself when you work at home and then you must enforce that work schedule for yourself and insist that you family and friends also adhere to your work schedule.

A job out in the brick and mortar world does two things; (1) It provides a structure for your day and (2) it tells your family and friends that your time is spoken for during your working hours. You will notice that both of these things that a regular job provides both
relate to your time.

First let’s discuss the structure that a regular job provides and how you can apply that structure to your work at home job or business. When you have a job that you go to outside your home, you are required to be at that job at a specified time on specified days of the week.

When you have a work at home job or business, you need that same kind of structure. You need to set regular working hours. The freedom that a work at home job provides is that you can choose the hours…but you do have to choose! Now let’s talk about your family and friends and how they are going to view your work at home job.

It is a strange but very true fact that your dear mother would not dream of calling you at your ‘real’ job and asking you to drive Aunt Rosie to the beauty shop and wait for her….after all….you are working and can’t be expected to leave your job to run errands. Right?

That very same considerate mother will call you and ask you to take Aunt Rosie to the beauty shop and wait for her when you are working at home. Why? Because you are at home and available, that’s why.

Your dear, sweet mother will not see your work at home job as a ‘real’ job. Your spouse will also see you as being free to run errands. Your friends will see you as being available for long telephone conversations, lunch or for a coffee klatch.

You can see the problem. If you do not schedule your time and abide by your schedule yourself, others will not. Unless you see your work at home job as a real job with real working hours, your time will be eaten up. You will not accomplish the tasks that you need to accomplish.

you will fail and find yourself out looking for a real job unless you see your work at home job as the real thing with regular working hours that make you unavailable for other activities.

The best way to accomplish using your time to your own best advantage with your work at home job or business is to make a schedule and tell your family and friends what that schedule is.

You don’t have to be rude but you do have to be firm. Make it clear to all, “I will be working between 9 AM and 3 PM Monday through Friday. On those days and during those hours, I am not available to run errands or take personal phone calls or entertain company.” Then stick to it!

If you are able to maintain your work schedule at home also, you can enhance your income by working at home.

Be Happy – Enhance Your Income by Working At Home.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Be Happy - Science Could Support Spiritual Beliefs

Why are we here? Is there a purpose tour lives? Is there a Creator who brought us here? Many of us might have asked these questions sometime in our lives, but still unanswered. For this reason, we have traditionally turned to spirituality to find the answers. However, since we live in the age of science that pervades our daily lives, it would be essential to ask: Can science support our belief in spirituality?

Most people including many scientists think science and spirituality are just too different to be mixed. This apparent perception of conflict is perhaps not without some justification. Those who followed spirituality down the ages did so with blind faith. Why? Because their experience showed that spirituality enriched their lives otherwise. But blind faith invariably gets mixed up with some false and undesirable beliefs such as superstitions and dogmas that can lead people down a thorny path. Many scientists are turned off by such misleading beliefs and that is the understanding. But they also tend to throw the baby out with the bath water. They dismiss true spirituality along with superstition.

A renowned physicist writes that he is rather elated about the latest advances in modern cosmology and quantum physics. Not long ago, it would have been considered extremely arrogant to think that we could figure out how this vast and busy universe developed and that we could trace our ultimate origin back to 13.7 billion years ago to a tiny nugget of space containing the blueprint of the universe, which sequentially unfolded to create everything.

The evidences are so convincing that Nobel prizes are being awarded for advances towards the “theory of everything” which has the remarkable goal to show that at least everything physical in this universe comes from a single source. As exciting as these advances are, there still seems to be a significant gap in our scientific world view. Because we have no consensus about the origin and the nature of existence our consciousness, the very window that allows us to perceive all the amazing insights.

A particular aspect of the enigma of consciousness has been very puzzling to quite a few great thinkers of our time. Einstein put it eloquently by proclaiming “the most incomprehensible fact about nature is that it is comprehensible”. Others such as Nobel physicist Eugene Wigner have referred to this as a miracle. Mathematician Roger Penrose is baffled by the fact that the universe has developed in obedience of the laws that our consciousness seems designed to grasp. Could it be that our consciousness is a fundamental reality which is intertwined with the universe itself? Is physicist Freeman Dyson right when he says: “The universe in some sense must have known that we were coming?”

Quantum physics and modern cosmology support the oneness of all spiritual traditions, popularly known as God. However, the God that science supports is an abstract entity akin to Brahmn, which manifests itself through us. When we realise our oneness with God, our mind may acquire a laser-like focus and we instinctively know the purpose of life. We may continue to try in this direction assuming that our forefathers might have searched out a relationship between science and spiritual beliefs.

Be Happy – Science Could Support Spiritual Beliefs.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Be Happy – Win Your Audience by Modifying Yourself (Part 2)

In the earlier post, I had made certain submissions how to win your audience by modifying yourself. You should align your thinking with the future reality that you want. You may tap into the representational system and create a presentation based on that information. Here I may clear that audience does not mean more than two or three people you are addressing at one time. It can be one person you are discussing or pursuing. The tools for one or more are the same. It depends upon you and the circumstances how to use them effectively.

Sometime, you might have come across phonological ambiguity. It sounds pretty complicated, but what it means is that the brain does not distinguish easily the difference between two words that sound alike but have different meanings. Before translating the meaning into its own sense to act upon, it takes few seconds to understand the reference in which that particular word is coming to it.

For example let us take the word 'nose,' which represents the part of your face that you use to smell things and the word 'knows,' which represents the fact that you understand something or have a certain amount of knowledge on a situation. They have the same phonetic pronunciation and sound alike. That is why the brain cannot distinguish between the two of them. In other words, they are ambiguous within your mind and can be understood interchangeably if the reference is not there readily available.

It happens repeatedly when you are talking to someone on phone. That is why it is called phonological ambiguity. You can use this knowledge to influence just about anyone to do anything that you want.

How? This you know that within each of us is a conscious mind and a subconscious mind. The conscious mind thinks, computes, calculates and can perform various other functions that involve “thinking.” But the subconscious mind on the other hand does not think; it simply exists. It makes rapid-fire decisions without you even realizing it, based on every previous experience you had in life. These are embedded commands to leverage the power of this truth. Embedded commands, or analog marking, are the idea of marking out certain words in a statement that you are making. Some time you use some words unknowingly – they become a part of your habitual utterances. These utterances are also embedded commands of the subconscious mind.

Many of these commands can be broken down to three word commands. So the key is to break down the action that you want the person to take in just three words. For example, let's say you wanted your friend to go to the store to pick you up some food, the only three words that need to be a part of this command are “Go to store.” This command is sufficient to advise him impliedly to bring some food from the store.

But what makes embedded commands so interesting is that you are taking and formatting them in a way that is covert or so the person does not realize that they are receiving a command; but rest assured, they are.

This is what makes embedded commands so powerful. Essentially, we can insert them into parts of conversations that have nothing to do with the command itself and get the person to do exactly what we want them to do.

All you simply need to do is make a statement to someone and insure that the three words essential to the command are in place, you just need to slightly emphasize them more.

For instance, using the example of wanting someone to go to the store for you, you could use a statement like this (simply put more emphasis on the words in bold): I was trying to find someone's house the other day, but wasn't sure which way to go so I asked two people and they said drive up to the next store. What you have done here is created a statement that has absolutely nothing to do with what you want this person to do, yet they will eventually comply, because the command “Go to Store” was embedded in the statement.

What makes this technique so great is that it can be used in text messages and e-mails, just as it can in verbal communication. When using it on both platforms, simply change the way the commands look in some aspect by either capitalizing or changing the font or making the words bigger.

Remember, it doesn't matter that I used the word two (which represents the number) in place of the word “to” because the mind can make a distinction anyway. That makes the technique even more covert.

The key here is to just make sure that the commands have a slightly higher emphasis put on them than the rest of the words. Notice that I said “slightly higher.” The idea is not to shout these words in a way that you bring attention to what you're doing just simply modify them in some way to make them stand out in the person's mind. Use this really cool trick to get in the zone. Isn't it amazing how you can stop a 200 ton boat did which tracks by simply dropping an anchor into the sea?

Anchors are extremely powerful and useful when it comes to keeping things in place and preventing them from drifting away. Well what if I told you there was a way to do this with your positive emotions? We've all had time in our lives when we felt more confident, more powerful and more skilled in a certain area.

And we've all certainly had those times were we felt like no matter what we tried, nothing seemed to work. Did you ever notice that in both positive and negative mind states, we seem to build momentum in both cases? In other words, when we're in a state of positivism, we just seem to build on that and enter what is known as the “zone”. And when we are in a state of negativity, we feel like “when it rains, it pours”.

Anchoring will basically allow you to effectively achieve the positive mental state of being in the zone and then remain in that place just as an anchor holds a ship in place. It is a very useful tool. As the word implies, anchoring has to do with setting something up that will take firm hold in place.

What makes anchors so powerful is that you can use them to hold positive mental states in place including confidence, attraction, intelligence, humor, etc. But you can also anchor older people to prevent them from drifting away. Anchors are also talk to the concepts around you and when bringing all of these elements together, you can achieve things like making someone think you are funny even if you are generally not a funny person.

You can also anchor someone into thinking that you are extremely confident; here's how you can do, I may suggest:

Anchoring yourself with confidence happens alone. When you anchor someone to yourself, that happens with someone else. Do not do this while driving, but what I would like you to do is to close your eyes and remember the time when you were confident. It can be anything.

Examples are a birthday party, walking across the road and doing a good deed or anything else even if basic that you can pick out that made you feel confident. With your eyes closed, I would like you to remember yourself in that situation.

Whatever was going on is going on now in your mind. Paint the scene; see the colors and the people, if there are any. Smell the scent in the air. Does it smell good or bad? Does it smell like you are indoors or outdoors, like something new or old? Perhaps you just smell the clean air? What do you hear? Are people applauding, talking? Are their other sounds like those of birds?

Most importantly, how do you feel? How does it feel emotionally? Pretty good? Of course you do because you accomplished something and that feels good. It does not have to be an accomplishment; it can simply be that today I feel good.

I have some sunglasses on, my hair is fixed up just so and I am wearing certain clothes as I sit in a nice car. I feel good. It can be anything but you are there now, in your memory. At that time when you felt really good, you felt confident. Notice the calmness that comes with that. Once we accomplish something and feel good, we can relax and think that we are worthy and we are a good person. Just kind of soak that in now and feel how good that is.

I now want you to turn everything upside down a bit - The sounds, the smells and everything. Feel it more intensely and feel the clothes on your body. You notice how we are using the three major representational systems, auditory, visual and kinesthetic. Something to see, hear and feel inside and out.

Also, pay attention to the odors and any other senses that you want. Make everything intense now and especially that sense of feeling good. It feels good to be you right in this moment in your memory. Feel the moment more intensely.

Good. What I want you to do is make the OK sign with your right hand. That means touching the tip of your right index finger to the tip of your right thumb, as if you were saying „okay to someone. I want you to also say the word “Power” and to do that now. Good. I want you to slowly open your eyes. What we have done is installed an anchor for confidence. The next time you feel the lack of power or confidence in any situation, all you have to do is make the okay sound with your right hand and say the word “Power”. That feeling of confidence will come back to you. You can use such tools whenever you are exposing yourself to some audience.

Be Happy – Win Your Audience by Modifying Yourself (Part 2)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Be Happy – Win Your Audience by Modifying Yourself (Part 1)

One of the biggest mistakes that we make when trying to influence or persuade others is to deliver our presentation based on what we think is right, fair and is making sense in the same terms as we understand and wish to explain.

In other words, we generally assume that the most effective way to gain compliance from others is to prevail upon them. No, it is not so. The reality is that when we try to persuade someone, we must first gain their attention. This can be quite challenging, because most people really don't listen, they just simply remain quiet and wait for their turn to talk, making gossips with the person sitting in the next seat or just waiting for the end of the meeting.

Every time we make a presentation based on our point of view, all we do is reinforce the behavior characterized by our audience, ironically not listening to us; just simply waiting for their turn to talk, making gossips with the person sitting in the next seat or just waiting for the end of the meeting.

“The key to gaining their attention quickly and engaging them is to construct our presentation around their view of the world; as opposed to ours”, it is the experience of the learned people, I noted.

Remember if everyone saw the world the same way and shared the same opinions, there would be no need to influence and persuade as everyone would naturally be in compliance with one another. Every person has different opinion but for the purpose of reconciliation or self-interest, he adjusts himself to certain extent with you to take benefit – it does not matter whether that benefit is against some consideration or that person wishes to maintain his cordiality with you.

The method by which we may construct our presentation around their view of the world is by determining their representational systems. You know! Representational systems are nothing more than the way we think, talk, understand and represent the world.

How may we represent? There are three recognized representational systems – visual, auditory and kinesthetic.

Visual people relate to the world generally by the way they see things.

When they speak, they will use terms like “I see, what you're saying” or “I can see why you would think that way”.

Visual people like to see the world in terms of pictures. Therefore, creating a visual story or painting a picture for someone with this representational system will be more effective than anything else you might attempt. Visual people also like to observe others and maybe fascinated with photography or things that generally involve admiration or envisioning. These people also enjoy reading and watching movies very much.

What's interesting is that they usually remember names as a result of a visual cue that they received. An example would be how something about a person's face that they just met would remind them of the person's name.

Visual people are also very concerned with their appearance, and they work better when following directions that are clearly written down. When trying to influence a visual thinker, your best bet is to provide them with written documentation in the form of directions, proof or a general explanation of what you're speaking about.

Auditory people like to listen to assimilate information.

This type of people loves to take clearly a note of what it is that they are being told. They also enjoy talking with others and conversation is something that they find very interesting. I have seen many judicial officers in the court prefer to listening the arguments instead of getting them in writing though personally I feel it is not a good practice on their part as in vocal arguments, personal methods, adopted by the advocates, of delivery and disturbance in attention by the presiding officer(s) can affect the justice process.

For auditory people, their world is represented by sound; therefore, to get their attention and engage them, you must say something that sounds very appealing to them.

Just as visual people like to look at directions, auditory people would rather hear directions read out loud by someone else, because retaining the information by looking at it can be difficult for them, whereas hearing it is much easier for them.

Auditory people like to use phrases like, “that sounds good”, “and that is clear as a bell ”and“ listen to me”.

Simply put, auditory people understand spoken language more than anything else. Therefore, when making a presentation to them, focus more on the way that you're saying things as opposed to writing things down or trying to create a vision for them.

The third type of representational system is called kinesthetic.

People who fall into this category relate to the world, make decisions and behave based upon the way something feels to them. You could call them touchy-feely people. They relate to both touch and motion.

These people assimilate information through their sense of touch. And because of this, they are very skilled in certain areas. As an example, they are typically known to acquire a physical skill faster than the average person.

Common phrases that you may hear come out of the mouth of a person who is kinesthetic say things like “callus” or “all washed up”. They may also use phrases like, “I feel you” or “that feels right”.

They also like to give analogies that relate to the way you would feel if certain event took place. As an example, instead of saying “I was really mad”, they would say something like “my blood was boiling”.

The key to any persuasion attempt is to build rapport.

Rapport is basically the connection that you create with someone which lowers their guards and makes them more receptive to your presentation. One of the most effective ways to build rapport is by determining which representational system a person has.

If you find in your conversation with them that they use phrases like” seeing your point” or “looking ahead to the future”, chances are this person is a visual thinker and you should communicate with them in a way that is conducive to their representational system.

Aside from understanding your message more clearly, they will also feel naturally connected to you as people generally feel bonded or connected to those that remind them of themselves or those with whom they have things in common with.

The next time you begin a conversation with someone, start paying attention to the way they communicate. You'll begin to notice that people generally fall into one of these three categories and you will be better equipped to communicate with them.

Now there will be times where people are using multiple representational systems but generally there is one dominant system that controls their outlook on life.

A Powerful Tool To Create Desire In Anyone…..

Have you ever had a dream that felt so real that when you woke up, you thought the dream was your reality? The reason this happens is because the mind does not understand the difference between reality and imagination.

In other words, it cannot distinguish the difference between what you visualize in your mind as opposed to what you actually experience in life.

This is extremely powerful knowledge. And the reason I say this is because all things in life are nothing more than energy in vibration. And energy attracts energy of the same kind. Therefore, if you can effectively visualize yourself doing something, you will at some point attract that reality into your life.

The second reason why this fact is so powerful is because every time we do something we become better at it. Experience enables us to be better prepared every time we come across a challenging encounter or situation.

And since the mind can't tell the difference between a “real” situation and one that you've imagined, if you continuously visualize that situation, you will be well-prepared for it when it takes place in reality.

Now imagine how powerful it would be if you could help other people create a crystal-clear vision of themselves in the future doing what you want them to do. This would be extremely helpful in influencing people and gaining compliance.

I want to tell you about future pacing. Future pacing, essentially, is when you take the person that you're speaking with and mentally bring them into a future event, where they can clearly see themselves doing something.

You can improve yourself by recording the people's representational systems and determining whether they're auditory kinesthetic or visual, you can now use future pacing to help you once you figure out which category a person falls into.

For example, let's assume that you're talking with someone who is an auditory thinker and you are trying to sell them a car. One of the most effective ways to get them to purchase that car is to tell them to imagine themselves in that brand-new car driving down the highway listening to the rev of the engine and their favorite music playing in the background.

If you are dealing with a visual person, you would tell them to imagine themselves driving the car seeing the sunset and watching the trees blow in the wind as they got closer to the beach.

And if they were kinesthetic, you could tell them to imagine what it would feel like to be in the car smelling the brand-new leather and feeling the sun gently warm their skin as they cruise down the highway.

You have now done two things; first you have begun to align their thinking with the future reality that you want. So the attraction process has now begun. The second thing that you have done is by tapping into their representational system and creating a presentation based on that information. You have created a strong desire that this person will now want to bring to reality.

You have now embedded change into this person's future and you have given them the opportunity to experience what you're offering in a positive manner before they actually get to that point.

Now, the key is to show what you have to offer can help fill the desire that you have created by helping the person visualize the future.

If you can effectively do that, the person with whom you're speaking to will be genuinely interested in what you have to offer, because they see value in it. And the reason why they see value in it is because you've created a desire within their mind and presented the solution that will help them in the form of whatever it is that you're offering. This way, you may likely to win your audience by modifying yourself according to the nature of the audience.

Be Happy – Win Your Audience By Modifying Yourself.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Be happy – Recognize Yourself

In our childhood, we are generally directed to remain in a pleasant mood so that other people who come into contact with you may not get bored with your melancholy nature. We extinguish our anxiety, fear and anger for the sake of being pleasant and in the process of getting others to accept us, we reject ourselves. This kind of mental pressure we always have with us. Why? It is said that One’s suffering disappears when he lets oneself go.

Imagine, one day at Main Street of our city we could not rein in our emotions. Rude comments were tossed by us on a passer-by who fails to meet our unrefined aesthetic sensibilities; obscenities running wild each time our expectations are frustrated; an uninvited growl and then a leap at a sexual object walking past. The rules of the jungle-the product of impulse, impatience, and untamed power – would launch a hostile take-over of our concrete jungles. Fortunately, we learn to suppress our base instincts, to civilize our uncivilised urges – to hide our raw feelings and tame the ignoble savage.

Social ties would not hold, things would fall apart, if our emotions were always exposed. For who among us does not have an indecent feeling toward our colleague or best friend, that, if revealed, would endanger a partnership or relationship? Have we not all, in our minds and hearts, transgressed, and violated in our imagination the most sacred commandments that hold our society intact – lusted after our neighbor another?

So we become socialised and learn to impose emotion controls, issue restraining orders on our feelings. There are clear benefits to concealing some emotions, but there are also costs: like most human interventions with nature, the socialisation process produces side effects.

While it is at times necessary to keep certain emotions out of sight (when we’re on the street), it’s harmful to try to keep them out of mind (when we are alone). Holding our attitude, denying ourselves the permission to experience unwanted emotions or feel indecent feelings when we are alone, is potentially harmful to our well-being.

We are told that it is “improper” to display our anxiety when delivering a lecture, so we suppress any form of anxiety when we’re writing in our journal. We learn that it is indecent to cry while sitting on the bus, and so we hold our tears even when we are in the shower. Anger does not win us friends, and over time we lose our ability to express anger in solitude. We extinguish our anxiety, fear, and anger for the sake of being pleasant, nice to be around-and in the process of getting others to accept us, we reject ourselves.

When we keep emotions in when we suppress or repress, ignore or avoid-we pay a high price. Much has been written about the cost of suppression to our psychological well-being.

Sigmund Freud and his followers have established the connection between repression and unhappiness; eminent psychologists like Nathaniel Braden and Carl Rogers have illustrated how we hurt our self-esteem when we deny our feelings. And it is not only our psychological well being that is influenced by our emotions, but our physical well-being as well. Since emotions are both cognitive and physical-influencing and being influenced by our thoughts and physiology-suppressing emotions influence the mind and the body.

The link between the mind and the body in the field of medicine has been well established-from the placebo effect to the evidence tying stress and suppression with physical aches and pains. Back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, and other symptoms are often “a response to the need to keep those terrible, antisocial, unkind, childish, angry, selfish feelings… from becoming conscious.

Because there is less of stigma in our culture against physical pain than against emotional disease, our subconscious mind diverts attention-our own and others’-from the emotional to the physical diseases. The prescription is to acknowledge their negative feelings, to accept their anxiety, anger, fear, jealousy, or confusion for their betterment. In many of the cases, the mere permission to experience one’s emotions does not only make the physical symptom go away, it alleviates the negative feelings as well.

Psychotherapy works because the client allows the free flow of emotions-positive and negative. In a set experiments, it has been demonstrated that students who, on four consecutive days, spent twenty minutes writing about difficult experiences, were happier and physically healthier in the long run. The mere act of “opening up” can set us free. Once we understand the link between a psychological event and a recurring health problem, our health will improve.

While we do not need to scream while walking on Main Street, or shout at our boss who makes us angry, we should, when possible, provide, a channel for the expression of our emotions. We can talk to a friend about our anger and anxiety, write in some journal about your fear or jealousy, and, at times, in solitude or in the presence of someone you trust, allow yourselves to shed a tear – of sorrow or of joy. You must recognize yourself that some person having some emotions still lives in your body and that he needs expression of his emotions freely. Don’t keep him caged with superfluous social etiquette.

Be happy – Recognize Yourself

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Be Happy – Invest Wisely.

As we know, keeping surplus money idle in the shelf does not serve any purpose other than making you feeling secured for some time as you may find easily available at the time of your need. Good people always invest it wisely.

What comes in to your mind when you see the word “investing”? To some people, it means, putting the money in insurance, mutual funds, the stock market or even high-yield investments. Other people might only think about investing when they are about to die and they haven’t left anything for their offspring.

For those who are earning just to meet their basic needs, this word seems horrible and they even shiver when they hear it, often claiming that they have no money to invest or feel that is too complicated a subject to even discuss about. Many people even invest heavily in health supplements, personal trainers and beauticians to make themselves live longer, healthier or even look younger! Imagine the advertising budget for beauty companies nowadays.

All these are legitimate concerns when it comes to investing, but I am talking about the most important investment a person can make in his lifetime.

Invest in Yourself.

The most important and No.1 rule is “Invest in Yourself” – if you don’t, who else will?
Your parents will only invest in your education only until you leave college. But that is just the basic necessities provided and does not teach you important lessons about financial education.

Would you depend on colleges or universities to teach you how to make money? Most colleges only teach you skills so you can earn money working for other people. How about business school? Honestly, if business lecturers are such experts at business, why are they still lecturing there instead of making a fortune in business ventures?

Would your boss teach you how to succeed in business so that one day, you will be in his position?

You and only you have to be proactive enough to take that responsibility.

You see, when you invest in yourself, it means taking on the importance of educating yourself. Education not in the academic or technical sense, though they are necessary skills to be developed in life. Our education doesn’t stop at college.

For most working adults, their education enters retardation stage after they leave college. They stop learning and therefore they stop growing. They only grow sideways from eating too much pizzas or take-out during their busy lunch breaks.

We know that intelligence is important right? But why aren’t the most intelligent people in the world the richest people in the world? There are many accountants and financial planners rushing to their cars every evening trying to beat the after work traffic congestions! They are not rich!

What about the Emotional quotient? Do working hard, having a great attitude and a positive mindset solve our financial situation? These are important when running a business, but let me illustrate:

If you are driving from Boston to New York using the wrong road map, you won’t get to the destination no matter how fast you drive your car (working hard)! You can work harder, but you would only get to the wrong destination faster! You may have the best attitude in the world or the most positive mindset, but you still won’t get to New York (although the journey wouldn’t bother you since you are feeling positive about it)
The Importance Of Financial Education.

You must FIRST invest in your Financial Intelligence. Having good financial intelligence is not about saving tons of money or dumping them into mutual funds. It is developing a healthy relationship with money and building a wealth of assets that will generate you money.

What does it take to develop your financial intelligence?

Delayed gratification is one of the most important aspects to developing your financial intelligence. Take this as a hypothetical example. Would you pay for a pint of milk or a cow?

If you buy milk, it is consumed and it is over. You will have to buy milk over and over again when it is finished. Even if the milk costs less than a cow, in the long run, you will still be buying milk again and again.

Now, if a cow were to cost 50 times more than milk, you might pay through your nose when you purchase the cow, but after consuming 50 pints worth of milk from the cow, you would break even on your investment and save more money in the future. In fact, the cow might give birth to 2 or more calves and you could sell one of them for profit! Get the idea?

Everyone is capable of creating wealth. When you take a beat up old car and give it an overhaul, paint it with a new coat of paint, and change a few more parts to make it start running again, you could sell that car for more money than if it was just a beat up old car. You would have created wealth in the process!

How about a farm? If you turn a farm into a country home getaway resort, wouldn’t the value of the farm land increase manifold?

It is the same principle for chefs, computer programmers and craftsmen. The sum of the whole is greater than the parts. We are all capable of creating wealth even out of thin air and that is the first step to getting our creative juices flowing.

The value of anything is defined by supply and demand. You don’t need to be a Major in economics to understand this. Money is just an idea. The true measurement of money is not the cents or dollars it represents.

If you have developed a product that people want, would they pay more to you than usual? Would you apply your skills in creating good assets?

You may invest in assets that bring long term value. Anything that brings you more income is an asset. Don’t invest too much in liabilities like cars or boats.

Even houses are not considered assets until they are fully paid off (If you lost your job tomorrow and you can’t pay for your house, is your house an asset or liability?)

Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone and pay the price for financial intelligence or ignore the signs of the times and expect your boss, the government and the bank to take care of you financially for the rest of your life, living below your means and never taking risks to better your family’s future?

Be Happy – Invest Wisely.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Be happy – Manage Your Obesity.

Obesity is a disease created by your own life styles. It is a danger signal for vital organs of your body. It can cause Heart disease, respiratory problem, overload to liver, endocrine system and diabetes. It is required to be managed as soon as you feel that you have got on the stage of obesity. Kindly be careful for your health.

You can cure it simply by changing the same in right direction. Medicines, surgery and so-called food supplements may give you quick solutions but they are not long-lasting. You can reduce it yourself. You can reduce your over weight up to 20 to 30 kg in a period of 3 to 4 months if you are able to get proper guidance and you need sincerity, regularity and strict adherence to the diet plan. If you go for treatment under yog and other drug-less naturopathy, you may not need to take any medicine and suffer any side affects in the process.

You might have seen repeated advertisements in newspapers, magazines or other kinds of media suggesting “before treatment” and “after treatment” status of the fat persons. Since I did not experiment with their medicines or advice, I can not recommend to which extent their advice can work to your welfare. But I feel that as soon as their medicines, food supplements are withdrawn, the obesity can bounce back with more intensity and dimensions.

Since obesity creates over weight, it is more injurious to your health. Obesity is a cosmetic problem but overweight harms your health. Obesity can be gauged scientifically through your body mass index to be ascertained by dividing your weight (in kilograms) by height in meters (square). The following chart can give you an idea about it.


18 to 24.9 Normal
25 to 29.9 Overweight
30 to 34.9 Obese
35 to 39.9 Severely Obese
40 and above Morbidly obese

Generally, Obesity is gauged in terms of waist circumference. If your waist is more than 40 inches (102 cm) for males and 35 inches (89 cm) for females, you can be obese.

We may have a look on the kinds of obesity. Android is apple type obesity. In this type, upper part of the body is heavy. Gynoid is pear type obesity to indicate that your lower part is heavy. In universal type of obesity, your body would be of barrel like shape, means fat is distributed in whole of the body. Obesity can be created due to any of the following reason:

1. Inheritance
2. Overeating and wrong eating habits
3. Lack of physical activity
4. Hypothyroidism
5. Post menopausal period and surgical removal of uterus.

You can cure your obesity through non-surgical and surgical methods. My friend who is a doctor says that in non-surgical methods, you can have anti-appetite medicines, drugs which reduce the level of sugar in your blood, metabolic stimulants in thyroid group, laxatives or some durative. If you wish to go for surgical methods, you may opt for intestinal bypass surgery, cosmetic plastic surgery or liposuction. Though these are quick methods, they may not give you permanent solution if you do not change your life style. You will have to change your eating habits.

When I felt myself to have been arrested with this disease, I had to change my eating plan. I am comfortable by implementing the same as it helped me a lot to cure. You may have a view of the same – I would suggest you to kindly take advice of your health care taker if it can be beneficial to you also:

My Diet Plan

6.00 A.M. : Lime water with honey (lukewarm)
8.00 A.M. : Tender Coconut/water melon/musk melon
11.00 A.M. : Seasonal Fruits
1.30 P.M. : Lunch – sprouts (Moong, Moath, Bengal Gram, Soya Seeds and Ground Nuts. You may take a cup of hot water after 15 minutes of taking lunch.
4.30 P.M. : Fruit/vegetable, Juice (Preferably Carrot, Indian Gooseberry, Ginger Mix) You can take 200 to 300 ml.
7.45 P.M. : Dinner – Soups/seasonal salads.

I adopted the above plan for one day and next day, I took my normal food excluding fine carbohydrates, rich protein and saturated fats. Third Day, I took the above plan and continued for two days. After two days, I took my normal food as I enjoyed on second day. Thereafter, I came back to diet plan for three days and then, again I took normal food for one day. In a gradual way, I enhanced the period of the diet plan to ten days. It took me a period of about 65 days during which I had fasting as well as normal diets without any pressure. To drive out the maximum benefits, I took not less than 10 glasses of water, preferring lukewarm. Some day, it can cause moderate to acute constipation as the system may revolt due to change in the habitual eating. To cure that you can have some mild laxative although I did not feel it as I was mentally ready for it. My friend had warned me that I might feel some weakness. That too was due to some psychological level and in course of time, that disappeared.

Here, I may request you to avoid junk foods as fillers. In the above diet plan, you may get all the nutrients, minerals and elements you require for energy. I took the normal food from time to time as mentioned above just to maintain a bridge between the new diet plan and my normal habits. It helped my body to customize itself smoothly. You can reduce the obesity early if you add up yoga asans like Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) as be advised by your yoga teacher.

Since I did not take any surgical or non-surgical methods as prescribed under modern treatment plans, I was lucky not to have any side affects and cured my obesity. That is why I wished to share my experience and process with you. God may bless you!

Be happy – Manage Your Obesity

Friday, August 20, 2010

Be Happy – Forget Your Ego

On Tuesday, March 16, 2010, I had made some submissions on this issue under the title “Be Happy – Shed Your Ego”. Since ego causes most of the problems we face in dealing with others, this issue attracts our attention again and again. Since it affects us too much, why should we continue to keep it with us? We are sure that once we get rid of it, our true nature will emerge.

To analyze the breakdown of an intimate relationship is a daunting task. Is it worth the effort? No one can answer this except the person caught up in such a circumstance. Even then, no one can be sure if their efforts will give them a better understanding of this complex dynamics. By delving into the connections that people have in their relationships, more mysteries than truth expose themselves. We start to realise the many different lines of communication that are available to each partner. Which ones are used and the manner in which they are used are open to each individual and hence the complexity. There is no formula to predict how a relationship may turn out. But certain truths did present themselves to me.

For some time, I had been feeling that the marriage which was solemnized between me and my wife had reduced to just a formality of association and we needed a break down of the relationship and live alone. I researched all the available data and case histories that available data and case histories that dealt with the ‘walk away wife’ phenomenon, I wanted all the information possible to try and figure out why my wife of 27 years wanted out of our marriage. Certain questions kept coming back to me. Did she fall out of love with me just like that? Was it depression, kid-life crisis, hormonal imbalances? Was I looking for reasons or just excuses to explain a sudden marriage break-up? My son, daughter and I were at a loss to come to any cognitive reasons for such irrational events. Then the truth hit me.

There were no real answers or solutions on the conscious level of the mind. I had to go beyond the mind of thoughts to the core of the problem, the ego. The ego that the mind creates in order to give it a means to confront the onslaught of the outside world, it is a world itself that it feels threatened by. Certainly, fear has its place in the dissolution of relationships, just as it does in most of our activities. I began to sense her rears. Fear of the future, of being inadequate, of time slipping by. I examined my children or raising them alone. I realised that time, contributes greatly to fear. The past no longer exists except as bits of memory and the future is not here and is only an image in our mind of what might be. The only time that really exists is the present moment.

There are as many ways to view the world as there are persons in it. The point of perspective is not how you view it but from where you view it. Through the evolution of the brain of modern man, the mind was created. A mind that is aware of its own thoughts. The mind is also in-charge of protecting the organism it inhabits. Working with the automatic system, which controls involuntary responses and functions, it creates defence mechanisms, which ensure the organism’s survival. To assist in the processing of the stimuli received from the senses and the responses to the outside world, the mind has created what is referred to as the ego. One that is geared to take on the onslaught of the world. It has a defensive nature that is constantly on alert for threats and attacks.

The ego interprets the information presented to it by the senses and cognitively assesses them and through the mind, produces thought. These thoughts are then transformed, by the ego, into emotions. Emotions are the body’s response to thoughts. Our emotions arise out of these thoughts.

The problems created in man’s responses to world are created by the ego going too for in its nature to perceive what is threatening to the organism and its self. It begins to believe it’s who we really are. A fallacy that creates untold damage to the world it inhabits. By believing it to be who we are, it will also defend itself against all possible threats.

Mental threats such as verbal assault can be viewed by the ego as possibly diminishing its foothold as the self. The thoughts created in response can create emotions such as hostility to wards the person verbally attacking it. What real damage can the verbal assault have upon the organism? None, for it is a imagined threat but the ego does not differentiate between real and imagined and still feels threatened. These types of emotions are fed back to the ego who now puts itself on higher level of threat alertness. A cycle has been created and induces the ego to perceive more and more stimuli as possible threats, that which we train our body and minds to do. Can it more easily be done? The world is now perceived to be a hostile entity with imagined threats all around us.

All of us go through life at level of threat alertness designed by our own egos. Some do not let such perceived threats dictate their responses while others are ready to take offence to the point of violence. It is the level of dysfunction that we allow the ego to obtain that determines our reactions. A runaway ego may even go to the state of mental paranoia. It is not what is said to us, felt, or thought about us that does harm, it is the ego’s reaction that creates the damage.

The ego is in a constant state of self-enhancement to make itself feel more secure. It seeks to acquire more material goods, power, prestige, and so on. The emotional feelings, such as contentment, happiness, and false contentment, happiness, and fulfilment, that it receives in feedback from its acquisitions further push the ego to seek more. But just like drug addiction, this feeling is temporary. It is an insatiable thirst. The ego wants more at any cost.

However, we can all do something to alleviate this dysfunction. But it to alleviate this dysfunction. But it cannot be done on the intellectual level. The mind is ill-equipped in this pursuit. By taking notice of how our mind and ego work, we can begin to function at a higher level.

From the higher self, we begin to see the world as it really is without the judgmental nature of the mind interfering. The mind differentiates the world into groups with similar attributes, for that is one of its purpose. But the ego goes further and separates them. Them higher self sees the world and its different features but does not considerate them as separate entities. It sees the connection that all things share. They are part of the whole all creation. The higher self sees itself as a part of this whole. This underlying truth transforms the way we interact with the world around us. This is the essence of compassion. The deep rooted sense that we are all connected. Who would do harm to someone or something that they know they are connected to or a part of?

My search for answers led me to see that the ego causes most of man’s problems in dealing with one another. When we dispense with the ego our true nature is brought forth. We may give up our ego to be happy again.

Be Happy – Forget Your Ego.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Be Happy – Open Yourself Wide (Part 2)

Sometime, you wish as if it would have been. That shows you are not fully confident if it may happen. If there is wanting, that is more effective but still not too confident about receiving the desire. If there is knowing that something will happen and this is better but if we know that something WILL happen. You are confident and you visualize as that God is granting and that He tells you, "You're right, you WILL get that." That keeps you in a state of always being in the position that it will happen meaning it just isn't in the state of actually manifesting.

There is knowing that it is here in the now and this is powerful. This takes a lot of faith. Finally, there is a knowing that it has ALREADY been given to you. Utilize the DeVisE method then you will communicate to others from a position of strength instead of a position of weakness where you might set yourself up for failure by being in the "will be" mind set. Practice all three components of the DeVisE to gain more as you wish.

It can ensure better utilization of time and energy.

If you put 10 parts energy into manifesting your desire over 10 days, that is 1 part energy per day. If you put 10 parts energy into manifesting your desire over 5 days, that is 2 parts energy per day. If you put 10 parts of energy into manifesting your desire in one single day, then that is 10 parts energy per day.

This may seem that there isn't much difference as long as a certain amount of energy is going into something. But, there is! For very powerful results, you must use time as energy itself. Compressing as much work into the smallest unit of time possible will give you the most powerful results. You can call it Time Compressed Energy.

If you obsess over something day and night every waking hour for a couple weeks on a certain subject, you will attract to yourself people, events, books and other things that are in alignment with what you want to learn in a very powerful way.

It will be way more powerful that if you took the same effort and expended it months or years. Take advantage of Time Energy. This concept alone will amplify all your results from your efforts beyond belief.

Take some water and drop one drop at a time and drop it on a rock below. It may take years to even notice any wear. Take all that water and squeeze it out a small hole with high pressure over a small blip in time and you will cut that rock like a laser beam.

Take a hammer and barely touch a window with it. You can do this 1000 times and still not break the glass. However if you take all that effort and compress it into a small blip of time, when you touch the window with it, it will shatter into dust. As a matter of fact, when taking advantage of time compressed energy, you may only need 10 taps of a hammer worth of energy if it is discharged in one single impulse to turn the window to dust verses what 1000 wimpy taps will do.

Why? Nature abhors a vacuum and it abhors strong gradients. If you put a small amount of potential into something, nature will cause it to dissipate until it is in equilibrium with its environment and there is nothing left.

Basically, it comes into balance. Put another small amount of potential into something and this repeats. It might take forever to even be able to build the potential fast enough before nature equalizes it.

But, if you put high enough potential into a small unit of time over and over, it is way too fast for nature's slow response to equalize it and you will certainly attract your desire much more powerfully.
Why do most people fail in manifesting their desires?

Besides the fact that most people apply the wrong principles, they really don't take it on strong enough or don't want it bad enough and therefore they don't put enough potential into a small enough unit of time for anything to come about anytime soon.

When desires do manifest powerfully, it happens through the path of least resistance. When people experience this, they find themselves in the right place at the right time.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” - Mahatma Gandhi.

Mahatma Gandhi didn't say ask for change or tell you to believe you will see change and furthermore, he didn't say to open up to receive change in the world. He said BE THE CHANGE.

If you are unlike what you want to attract and like attracts like, doesn't it make sense that you won't attract it since you are unlike what you want to attract? If you wish pleasure of life in friendship, do all the best efforts to convert your enemy as your friends. Forget his wrong to you thinking that you are somewhere responsible which promoted his wrong. You can tell him, you can ask him politely without any revenge in your mind. There is no use of taking his eye if he has destroyed your eye – it could have been by accident. One day, you can also commit that accident. If he did it deliberately, you can ask for compensation but ask first why he did so. If he gives account of your instigation, you should take back your enmity as you should hold yourself responsible for the wrong. Kindly don’t initiate such steps which may result into wrongs with anyone without his fault.

The only way to attract it is to become LIKE what you want to attract. The way to do that is to BE IT. And it is possible only when you open yourself wide, a little bit you may try in the first step, apply the results and then proceed further to enjoy the life.

Be happy – Open Yourself Wide.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Be Happy – Open Yourself Wide (Part 1)

“Open yourself wide” seems to be some confusing advice. But it is an essential factor for your progress. If you shut down yourself or keep yourself as a “Self-centric Person”, you won’t be able to guess what you are expected to do. If you follow such instincts, you can handle the affairs very smoothly. You need to wear the shoes which you wish others for your interests. Feel the pinch and modify yourself accordingly.

Quite simply, the whole concept behind the above advice revolves around like attracting like. You may find that this makes sense but I can almost bet money most people still believe that taking two magnets and putting them together will make opposite poles attract. For example, you have certain interests and some other too have some interests in one issue; both persons have not disclosed their respective interests openly to each other. How would you win the battle or settle the issues amicably? Either there would be some enmity developing whole the time or one of you may have to give up the issue? But normally, it does not happen. We continue to fight for little things but not settle for big gains. Because we have SHUT DOWN OURSELVES.

In other words, if like attracts like, put the north poles of two magnets together and tell me what they do. They obviously repel each other quite strongly. What is really going on? Let's look at two different examples that show us that many people may be looking at half of the world backwards.

Example 1: If there is a teenager who is a car freak and loves to fix up his hotrod and race around, there would be great chances that a good percentage of his friends are also a bunch of car freaks. If they all have something in common, they will obviously have a tendency to group together. In this instance, it is easy to see that like attracts like.

Example 2: If you take two magnets and put the north sides of each magnet together, they repel. Why do they do this? If the north of one magnet is connected to the south of another magnet, the first example that like is attracted to like would be applicable.

Like flow is attracted to like flow. On one magnet, the flow is from south to north and in the other magnet, the flow is from south to north as well. Both of these like flows are in alignment with each other.

Therefore, when looking at the whole picture, like is still attracted to like even though virtually every human being that knows about magnets will still tell you that opposites attract.

The purpose of those examples is to point out the fact that we all have blind spots. When we think over how to open ourselves, we must think on the following points:

1. We have some conscious competence as we know what we know.
2. Some conscious incompetence is within us when we know what we don't know.

3. Some time, we are arrested with unconscious competence when we don't know what we know.

4. We have a little bit of unconscious incompetence as we don't know what we don't know.

These 4 points cover every single bit of consciousness of your collective mind that comprises of your conscious thinking mind, your subconscious mind and your unconscious mind.

Point #1 means that you know what you know. You probably know what a toothbrush is and you are consciously aware that you know what is the purpose of a tooth brush in your life.

Point #2 means that you know what you don't know. If you're not a brain surgeon, you probably don't know about brain surgery and you are probably very well aware of the fact that you don't know about brain surgery. You own your brain but you do not know what is exactly inside. This is known to a brain surgeon only after he takes cat scan or MRI etc.

Point #3 means that you don't know what you know. Most people do not hold their sneeze in when they have to sneeze. Holding in a sneeze can cause you to have a stroke by building up too much pressure. Intuitively you probably let yourself sneeze because intuitively you know that it isn't a healthy thing to do. You sneeze anyway but you probably have no idea that your body knows that you shouldn't do it. You know that holding in a sneeze isn't healthy but probably are not consciously aware that you know this.

Point #4 means that people do not know what they do not know. You probably do not know how to fly a space shuttle. If an astronaut pointed out some special gauge to you and told you that it did A, B and C, you probably did not know that it did A, B, and C. Furthermore, you probably were not even aware of the fact that you did not know there was that gauge and also you did not know that it did A, B, and C and exactly, what is A, B and C.

So, you were not consciously aware of the fact that you did not know those things because you simply did not know what you did not know. If you took all knowledge possible for a human being to know, point #1 is the smallest bit of info. Point #2 is a little bigger. Point #3 is even a little bigger. But, point #4 is the biggest. If you took points 1, 2 and 3 and combined them, they would be nothing but a single-celled amoeba stuck to the back of a giant blue whale. All the blue whale is point #4, which is the entire area encompassing all knowledge that resides in the area of us not knowing what we do not know. This is our blind spot. This is what we are unconsciously incompetent about.

What is the benefit of opening yourself wide?

It can yield you power. How?

For this purpose, we will have to constantly expand our frame of reference so that we are able to throw more light on our blind spots. In the two examples of the teenagers and the magnets, there were various levels of knowledge.

The first, you probably could instantly tell yourself that you knew that and you were aware of the fact that you knew that.

The second, you may have thought about that but didn't have an answer and ignored it.

You were probably first aware that you didn't know the answer. But when you saw the solution, not only did you probably not know the solution, you probably were not even aware of the fact that you did not know there was a solution.

But, when you were, light was cast into a blind spot empowering you even more. You may have gone from not knowing what you didn't know to knowing what you know. So you went from 4 to 1. That is Power.

This is important to understand because we can't just go about reading things or watching movies or listening to lectures or attending workshops of some so-called gurus thinking that we can learn anything. It is just data so far.

Furthermore, it is worse if we are thinking that we can do anything with it if you don't know how to look at things and recognize points 1, 2, 3 and 4 while you are learning.

With point 4, of course we won't know what we don't know but at least we know the possibility exists that through any learning experience, there may be knowledge that we don't know we don't know. As long as that is in the back of our mind, then and only then can the possibility exist for blind spots to disappear.

Shining light on as many blind spots as possible is what we need to do to continuously expand our frame of reference to develop more and more power. It is all about asking the rights questions.

It can increase your awareness. How?

Just ask, believe and receive. If you do not know anything, you may please simply ask to gain the knowledge beyond your ego. Asking for something implies that we do not have it. If you do not ask, you can not get. It is the benefit of being open yourself wider.

You must believe upon the information as a prudent person may do. You should receive the information happily, it depends upon you how to use the same, accept it or reject it.

By asking, believing and receiving, we are defining our self as a person who does not have what we want, is in the mind set that what we want will be ours (eventually) and receiving means it is not already ours.

For further progress in your life, you must devise a system. You must DESIRE for something, you must VISUALIZE the benefits of gaining that particular thing and you must EMOTIONALIZE your strategy to do so. You can simply put it as your DeVisE.

DeVisE is a very simple method for gaining virtually anything we want in a very simple and practical way. DeVisE or DEVISE is an acronym to help you remember what it means.

The first concept is DE, which stands for DESIRE.
The second concept is VIS, which stands for VISUALIZE.
The third concept is E, which stands for EMOTIONALIZE.

Simply, feel your desire for what you want to have so strong that you practically lose sleep over it because it has become such an obsession that it is all you think about. If you can't get that excited about something, do you really want it in your life?

Personally, my desires become burning obsessions and this is a key to progress further.
When having the strong desire, it is very crucial to visualize yourself having ALREADY received it. This is past tense mind you! Use all your senses. Feel it, smell it,taste it, hear it, see it and use any other sensory data you can pull upon.

Many experts in the field tell you to see it as if you have it NOW but I'm saying to see it as if you ALREADY have received it as if you are in the future looking back. I will clear this up in a moment.

Finally, while having the strong desire and the powerfully clear visualization of already having received your desire, call upon your emotions so that you get wildly excited about how thankful and grateful you are that you have received it already.

I sometimes get to the point that I am so grateful that God has ALREADY given what I desire that I cry and am in an emotional ecstasy in a very intense way. It is not necessary to go all out in this way but if you do, proportional results follow. I sometimes get so emotionally cranked up with intense gratitude that my adrenaline gets pumping, literally.

If you incorporate all three concepts simultaneously and do this often and even non-stop at least in the mind for as long as possible, then powerful results will follow. It can happen only when you open yourself wide to accept something which you have so far been feeling strange but that is hitting you again and again.

Be Happy – Open Yourself Wide.