Monday, March 19, 2012

In India, Jaitley files for Rajya Sabha, is worth Rs 158 cr

It is good that the politicians all over the world are growing to be rich. In some countries like India, they are required to declare their assets while filing their nomination forms for election to any constitutional body. But it is not fair for the democracy that the law making system is controlled by the capitalists. A capitalist can not permit the law making body to make any law which may damage his present and future interests.

Democracy should not mean a system for rich and to be managed by rich. We must do something to ensure that we should fix up a maximum limit of worth as the SURVIVAL WORTH, to enable a person to live his life comfortably and those who have worth more than that fixed limit, should be debarred to participate in politics. If a person having more than the survival worth, still wishes to participate in politics as per his own addiction, he must surrender the extra amount of the worth to the State. This action will enable other citizens who have the qualities to prove as worthy Statesmen but are not able to come forward due to paucity of the richness at their end.

Similar action should be taken for those families whose worth is more than the survival worth but still get reservation benefits on the basis of their caste or religion.

Be Happy - We May Make Our Politics Free Of Money.

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