Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Be Happy – Give Up Your Worries.

Would you kindly recall or ask someone senior in your family to tell you what you had brought on earth when you took birth? You had brought nothing along with you. And you will carry nothing with you when you will expire. When you brought nothing into this world and you can not take back anything whether that be earned by you out of your own efforts or you may get as inheritance, why should you worry about the future of your materialistic achievements/possessions?
Nothing matters so much that we should throw ourselves into a state of panic about it. No happening is so important that we should let ourselves be exiled from inner peace and mental calm for its sake. There is nothing to worry about.  Let yourself really feel this message.  Let it sink deeply into your bones and reside inside your heart.  You are always being provided for and taken care of by Him.  We need to consider and agree that there is a divine power running the bigger show.  Behind the scenes it is always there making sure that you receive exactly what is needed, so that your fullest potentiality comes through. 
The Universe is pure intelligent energy in form.  It makes sure that everything unnecessary in your life will not happen. The events, people and situations that must manifest in your future are all part of your "divine schedule".  Nothing is by accident or coincidence because God simply doesn't make mistakes.  Your job is to relax, be grateful for every lesson you're given, and enjoy the journey as much as you possibly can to the very end. But you need to care for every thing what you are provided for. If you don’t, you may not get an opportunity to get further.
Whenever we worry about ourselves, our kins, our assets etc. it means that we are not trusting in life, ourselves or God.  We stop believing that there is a highly intelligent all loving conscious force that is here now, leading us deeper into our very being and higher into our greatest ecstasy. Worrying is the warning light that goes on when your mind has taken control over you.  You suddenly start to believe every little thing the mind tells you!  You start believing that you are a small inferior limited being with horrible karma, untrustworthy insights, no real direction and very little power.  You forget that you are an unlimited soul who is intimately connected to an all powerful deeply intelligent God Source that loves you all the time.  When you stop and get curious about Him, and begin to deeply honor this connection, you'll stop worrying and start trusting. You'll begin to understand that there is a bigger source of "you" that lives within you and all around you and it the force that's truly in charge of it all. 
An interesting thing you might notice is that no matter how many times you try not to worry, your mind still returns to its old habit again and again.  This is because one cannot permanently stop this type of deep fearful pattern with pure mental force and will power.  There is only one thing you can do to stop the worry habit permanently.  This is to take a higher spiritual path and transcend the mind entirely.  This is only done by realizing the truth of who and what you really are.  When you see how amazingly big, bright, brilliant, and loving you actually are, the mind becomes a bit embarrassed of all the ridiculous things it was worrying about and starts paying more attention to the divinity inside. 
 With enough introspection there will come a day when you will step back from the mind.  You will notice that all these thoughts flying through your mind are only momentary indicators pointing you to the life you're creating, and have nothing to do with the divine master who is creating it behind the scenes.  Every time you start looking deeper into your essential divine nature, you'll discover that who you are cannot be limited by any ideas or concepts at all.  You are what is forming the concepts, the creativity behind the play, designing and dreaming everything!  You are the source of creativity who is painting the canvas each moment of life, telling the colors to dance, sing and splash in every direction....and best of all your main job is to enjoy the show!  Seeing this deeper truth is your one-way ticket to transcend the mind and find total freedom from worry forever.
The more time you spend each day noticing what is beyond thought, behind the mind, and creating the consciousness that you are, there will come a day when the mind drops away falling by itself completely!  You'll be free from all the fearful impressions that used to arise in the mind and find a more creative spontaneous approach to life.  The worrying habits the mind was addicted to will seem like painful shoes that were always too small to wear. You won't be able to try them on again!  You'll discover a more natural state of living,  that lives in the vibration of trust.  You trust that whatever future the Universe provides is the right one for you. 
You are here to master your life.  You can do this when you realize that you are the creative witness who is directing and producing the movie you are viewing!  This means you simply stop believing in all the fear-based illusions you are fed from the outer world and your inner world.  All those worried thoughts you have are based in the idea that you're not an infinite being with divine manifesting power.  Once you stop giving away your power to the world and to your mind, you discover what is truly real.  The piece of rope that you once thought was a snake, you now know it is just a rope.  You are not afraid to pick it up and play with it.  You also have the choice to drop it, step over it and move on to something more amazing. 
If you want to live a life without fear, that is truly free from poverty, panic, arguments, and worry, you'll need to do something dramatic and radically new.  You'll need to expand your consciousness and give up your ingenuine aspirations. Earn yourself enough what you deserve and need without snatching other’s right. If you wish to live peacefully, let other live so. Give up your worries for the causes beyond your reach.
Be Happy – Give up your worries.

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