Thursday, October 22, 2015

Love Your Job, You Will Get Success.

Love your job or love what you do. We must love our job like children love any job they undertake. When they play, they play with all the love at their command. Whatever we may do, if we do the same with love, we will get success definitely. We need to work hard and if we fix up our goals before embarking upon any task, success is bound to follow. Goals are our dreams with deadlines. If you choose a goal and stick to that, that would change everything and you will achieve the success you dream for. If you want to reach a distant goal, you must take small steps instead of sitting idle.
We all understand well that focus and determination play significant roles in success. If we look at any top athlete or businessman, painter, politician, any successful individual – a movie star, musician or any other celebrity, we will find that they succeed because they focus on their task, they love their job, they love what they do. For our success, we need to identify our goals and then let nothing distract us from achieving it. Any distraction can lead to dissipate our energy and attention.
Here, we must ignore “Luck” factor in our psychological manoeuvrability while working for our goals fixed. What is luck? It is only as relevant or irrelevant as we make it. Whenever a gamble plans to gamble, he swears by the same. But we are not gambler. We need to achieve our task, the task defined by our goals. Luck is nothing but a convenient excuse, an alibi or a crutch for those who fail or who do not love to work sincerely but await for the results without putting in the hard labour the task warrants for. What we make of our life is entirely in our own hands. Luck is what happens to others. It is just a consolation for the losers.
It is true that you can not win all the time. Somebody in your opposition may have put in better efforts. We can learn from our failures and try to do better next time. If we compete fairly, it shall be our greatest challenge and we need to accept it even if somebody criticises our efforts/steps. Criticism must be considered as a part and parcel of our success. We need to live with it and learn about our wrongs. It is also true that an average human being does not accept criticism of any kind very easily. We need to work above what an average human being does. We must take seriously every criticism and examine the same just to improve ourselves. Dealing with criticism in a mature way makes one a stronger person.
Appreciation is the oxygen that nurtures the creative instinct. You must apply it with your team members as and when required but we must not take it as narcotic for ourselves as if we do not get appreciation, we may get nervous. Instead, we must remain attuned to our work and in course of time, we too will get appreciation. It is possible only when we love our job.

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