Thursday, July 12, 2012

Be Happy - Make Agra, the city of Taj Happier.

It is THE ACTION PLAN forwarded to me by my friend Mr.Khandelwal Braj with advice to those who love Agra the city of Taj. I request all the concerned and interested to consider and follow-up sincerely and add their suggestions to improve:.

1. Agra roads need to be widened and cleaned of debris; some statues and memorials need to be shifted.....

2. One-way traffic system should be introduced on selected roads;

3. Lane driving discipline has to be abrupt changing the lanes;

4. Traffic signals and rules should be followed strictly....more challans and penalties;

5. Encroachments should be removed immediately;

6. Urgent steps needed to force auto rikshaws to follow rules and norms;

7. Agra has to be made pedestrian-friendly and cycle-friendly with dedicated lanes;

8. Agra needs dependable and hassle-free public transport system;

9. Restrictions on entry of three and four-wheelers in crowded places and streets;

10. Identification and maintenance of parking slots with reasonable fees.

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