Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Be Happy – Be Careful against Cheating

As the unemployment, whether it is full or half increases, the person affected searches out new means to meet the gap between the expenses and income. The expenses are sorted out and categorized into three categories – Essential expenses without which you can not ensure your survival like food, clothes and shelter, Social Expenses without which you can carry on your normal life like visiting to some restaurant, having costly clothes, entertainment, society meetings etc. and luxury expenses which can be ignored if you are short of finance. These expenses include purchasing costly conveyance; decorative items which are not essential are postponed/cancelled.
Mostly if a person does not get enough resources or appropriate remuneration against his labour to meet his basic needs, or if his greed increases beyond his capability, he turns to be dishonest. Sometime a person tries dishonest means to earn through easy means. Though it is unethical, this trend is increasing day-by-day.
Yesterday, I got a miss call over my mobile phone from +923059871498 repeated for two times. I felt that some one was calling me and I was not picking up because of unknown number as I have been getting a number of unsolicited calls from tele-marketing firms. When I got third time the miss call, I dialed back. After a few rings, the called person picked up and told me that he was speaking from Airtel Marketing and my number has won some prize as drawn by their computer amongst their valuable customers chosen as per the usage of Airtel mobile services and I should contact some Akash Verma at mobile no.00923088738822 to know the further details. When I contacted that Akash Verma on the number given, he used my time of about 1.07 minutes and asked me if on the back of my sim, one number having five digits was there. If that was there, I should contact him back with my bank accounts details so that their company could transfer the amount of the prize. That calls cost me Rs.27/-. Though my sim had the same numbers he mentioned, I did not call back smelling they might be cheating me.
Some days back, someone told me that some gang is there who steal balance of your bank account by taking your details. He did not explain me their method. But I feel that the method being used by Akash Verma and other might be one such. 

I am mentioning here for the sake of my friends not to get trapped if they too get similar calls – it may be possible that they may change their numbers.

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